March 14, 2012

good cook

I cooked Mee Ketam for lunch 2days ago ^_^ It was my very first try, so i wasnt counting on it. But boy was i wrong (puji diri sendiri). Homaigod, sedaaap! En Tahir liked it so very much, i had to serve him Mee Ketam again (for dinner), well at least one person agrees with me *wink*

Tahir snapped this for his fb photo of the day :p

March 10, 2012

no gossip

Assalamualaikum wbt

(*phtuiiih* sawang!!)

So! Gossip Girl is on hold until april 2012 *frown*. The last episode left me with such a blushed heart. I just love seeing Dan and Blair together, somehow the story is more 'hindustan' LOL. Well its an upper east side socialite and a lonely guy from Brooklyn affair (not forgetting a heartbroken bestfriend/exgirlfriend). Georgina was ze Gossip Girl until she realizes she needs to make 'appearances'; she passed the baton to Miss Van Der Woodsen - genius!! And may i add she nailed her character *two thumbs up*. 

So, what have i been up to? Since theres no dosage of weekly GG for me... Well i ended up with Revenge *big smile*. Oh this one is full of twists and mysteries. Its about  a girl, raised by her father then he got framed for something major that (obviously) he didnt commit. So she is back for a revenge of the decade! I've been hooked by this series, seriously giving me goosebumps. 

Thats it for now :) I leave you with my much awaited girl - Gossip girl xoxo *wink*

ps. watching these 2 epis left me with more bag craze!!! (NOT GOOD) Click on the title and you'll see what i mean :p

March 5, 2012

its march!

March??!! Really?? *faint*

Its autumn *grrrr* and Dunedin is getting colder and windier *sadface*. Anyway, my recent conversation with En Tahir

him: dear, your birthday is approaching. what do you feel like having this year?
(oh yes i agree, he does sound like he has heaps of moolah huh??!)
me: hmm... whats the price range?
(yup, i was thinking of a bag LOL)
him: be real *tongue*
me: i'll let you know *tongue*

What do you guys think? i reckon something useful rather than 'useless' *wink*