May 17, 2012

under control (ehem)

Assalamualikum wbt

Remember one of my 2012 resolution is to not to buy a single bag? Well guess what - I AM STILL STICKIN' TO THAT!!! *nodding* Ho yes! I havent got myself any new bag what so ever up till May... now lets face it, thats almost half a year; give it another month, thats point five of a year *pat on back*.

I've been busy, like seriously busy! (And actually) i just got back from a meeting with my supervisor - and it looks like i may need to extend my stay here in New Zealand *sigh*. Well this isnt wholly a bad news - its bit of both or lot of both, which ever suits you. It kinda gives me (well us) more space and time between school, clinic and home and the kids. Hmm actually, i havent tell you pretty people that my dearest husband is now a postgraduate student here too *claps* "Way to go Abang!". He's doing a Masters course - 2years of research in animation/visual arts (errr am i right?!). So yeaa we're really crazy now - with the kids, house chores, studying bla bla bla. Have mercy on us O Allah!

Hmmmm other than that, i've been enjoying cooking a lot! Baking really :) Making a good use of that Kitchen Aid mixer on the cabinet top hehe. I have to say cooking IS therapeutic! And now, i am excited by browsing (or shopping) around looking for kitchenware *tongue* and dinnerware (yea i know NOT GOOD!!). And people these things arent cheap, ho no! That KitchenAid mixer costed us some..some.. ho yes. And.. and... and... Noritake! Do you know Datin Seri noritake?? Dont get to know her, you can still run from her, hehe... Well, i bought Noritake dinner set (115 pieces)! And i tobat tanak beli dah! Muahahahahaha.. Tahir was like "when are we ever gonna use these dear?" "On our sons' wedding days! duhh" LOL (by the way it so purrty :p).

Whoaa thats heaps of crappin'! Then i guess thats all for now, cheers! xx

p.s. i am now back to my pre-pregnancy weight *somersault* 


zurahimi muslim said...

cik adik, jgn gok cerita saje...gambo pinggan tu manaa nok tgk! heh

yaya othman said...

ahahahahah baik puan jurutera! *wink*

Anonymous said...

Baru2 ni majlis fatwa Malaysia keluarkan fatwa kata bone china haram digunakan. Am not sure about noritake but royal Albert/doulton is bone china. Wallahualam

Tasya said...

ahhhh jeles nya u dah back to your pre-preggo weight! but happy for you also *hehehe*. you deserve a new bag then *hehehe*