December 29, 2011

new year new this new that

Assalamualaikum wbt

It is 29th dec today and 1.1.2012 is around the corner. Whats a new year without new resolutions? But have i fulfilled my 2011's resolutions? Honestly at this point, today; i can barely remember what they are.. not good huh? Well, i guess it is prolly bout me being a hardworking postgraduate student in Otago. So have i been a hardworking post graduate student? I'd say yes and no :)

2012 - Clinic will commence on the last week of feb (thats nice), winter (loathe!) in the middle of the year, then Hari Raya (if only balik Malaysia) and exam again (not so keen :p)! Khalish will be 6 and Umar will turn 1 :D My handsome boys! I pray for a good year, wait make that a great year. I've decided to stop my ridiculous cray cray towards handbags or at least try to LOL (i smell a ditch!). As for now, 2011 is the year where i bought too much bags LOL Ok lets revise a bit here

2005 - Bought my first Coach (this was the year i started working)
2006 - 2 bags i think
2007 - 2 bags i think (one was an Ergo)
2008 - Bought a Gaucho and a Muse
2009 - Bought a Heloise and a Histoire
2010 - A Fendi Spy << Very very impressive year!
2011 - A Paraty, a Part time, my first Chanel, and a second Chanel << D minus!! LOL

and 2012 - Hoping for zero money goes to bags *nod*. 

Aaah, yes other bags with me are presents or didnt come from my earned cash hehe. And if En Tahir is reading and feel like buying me a bag - fell free to do so! I just wanna stop buying them not stop having them! *wink*

That is my number one resolution! *tabik* Number 2 is to really really use my time accordingly. Correctly divide my school and home chores, playing all roles as dentist/student, wife/mom and daughter/sister wisely :) InsyaAllah! Number 3 is to spend more time on the prayer mat and with my Quran (and trying to pick up the meanings). 

Usually if theres a contest, only the first 3 winners will be announced, the rest just dont really worth an announcement (?) hahah. So yeaa i will keep the rest to myself :) Thank you!

2011 has been a really roller coaster ride for me, ho yeaa. Believe me you!!
January - moved to Dunedin, New Zealand with a baby in my tummy, our flight was tiring (capital T) - 3 transits and 1 missed flight!
July - Gave birth to my Kiwi Umar :)
August - Ramadhan, my brothers came for a visit, flew to Wellington for Umar's Emergency Travel Document and celebrated Khalish's 5th birthday at a Thai restaurant there. Supposedly, my parents datang with my brothers but they postponed their flights due to my late granpa being really ill due to lung cancer :( So instead of they come to me, my mum sponsored our tickets back home and lagipun she so wants to see her new grandson. The day was 20th aug, we were in Wellington for 2nights and got back in Dunedin for 8hours just enough time for us to pack our bags, then flew to Christchurch to catch our flight back home to Malaysia (Umar was not merely a month!). We were in Malaysia for 5weeks, i got to see my Ki and presented my newborn to him, celebrated Hari Raya with family and friends, got to attend my brother's wedding (the wedding was prepared right after i moved to Dunedin and i thought i wont be able to attend my first brother's big day), and witnessed my late grandfather's last day :(( The day he passed away was the day my brother got married (there were only us the siblings and mom during his solemnization), everybody else went to Ki's funeral.
September - Flew back to Dunedin and commence schooling the last week of the month. Khalish started his days as a first grader at Arthur St School.
November - EXAM!!!! And Research Protocol Presentation.
December - Visitors from Malaysia - my parents and youngest brother and then my gal, Yanie :) We went to Te Anau, Milford Sound, Queenstown, Catlins, Twizel, Lake Pukaki, Lake Tekapo and Timaru. In Dunedin, we went to the Peninsular and visited Larnach Castle; and St Clair Beach. On Boxing Day, we flew to Auckland for some retail therapy :)

fuuuuuhhh!!! Told you its wild year :p

And whats a better way to end a year than a photo summary of it! hehe :) Enjoy and Happy New Year!!

last photo before we parted

the day i found out its a he not a she

snowy Dunedin a day before Umar was born

26.7.11 at 2pm, Muhammad Umar was born

18.8.11, Khalish turned 5!

Khalish and my brother E

they went for a day trip to Queenstown Ski Park
Hari Raya in Terengganu
The day E got married
bride's side of the wedding
our side of the wedding
with my parents at Larnach Castle
with Yanie at St Clair Beach
boxing day in Auckland

Al Fatihah to a wonderful man, arwah Haji Daud bin Jusoh

Ooh ooh forgot to mention, in December, on the twelfth day, it was Tahir and i's 2nd wedding anniversary :)

but why this photo?! sebab we took my parents birdwatching on that date hehe

Happy New Year pretty people *wink*

December 13, 2011

Yesterday was the twelfth of december and (fyi tuan-tuan dan puan-puan) was my second wedding anniversary with En Mutahir Mohd Ariff *cloud9*

Alhamdulillah, syukur. I praise Allah for his blessings. I've seen this and i've seen that, i've been here and i've been there. I won some and i did lose some, i was untouchable and i (multiple times) hit rock bottom. But i would not change anything.. nothing. If any part of my story would've been different, i would not be here... next to you. And if any part of my journey to here is different, things would not be as beautiful... as lovely. You're not perfect, but neither am i. You're not rocket scientist, well who's looking for one? You smell funny, you have tongue lisping, you yawn to my face... but you never fail to be the first one up every morning, preparing Khalish for school, preparing his lunch box, preparing breakfast and a cuppa for me - extra sugar, just the way i like it. You compliment my big hair, my thunder thighs, even my freckled face. Thank you for loving me for who i am and thank you for staying the same, because you know that makes you special :)

I couldnt ask for a better man. I couldnt ask for a better father to my sons. Simply because you're the best catch Abang! I love you with all my heart.