November 21, 2011


Assalamualaikum wbt

Haluuu.. ^_^

I've been wanting to write/ask bout this for quite a while now.. S A L A M. You know, when us girls see each other, we greet and then salam (shake hands kata omputih :P). Now, leni; whenever we greet each other (among us fab girls LOL), we take each other's hand - salam, then we kiss/smooch on cheeks. hmmm...

It used to be just salam right? LOL I dont recall my granny smooching her friends' cheeks (now thats an awkward scene). Or to make my point, i dont recall my mom giving a peck on her aerobic class buddies in the eighties (why on earth they call it aerobic class??!! tau tak makne aerobic tu hape? maybe its just ladies in Terengganu LOL)

Ok back to salam, it used to be both hands kan? both of your palms and both of my soft babyish palms LOL And now, its salam and smooches! Its like a package! You meet someone (maybe she's not that close to you pun, but because she's your friend's good friend), you say Hi or Hello or Hello is it me you're looking for? LOL ok ok... and then you salam and place your pout onto her right and left cheeks (and baaamm!! you got her pout on your cheeks too!?). Evolution takes place - instead of a peck on each cheek, its 3pecks now!! Right Left Right - just like kawat! Ada someone told me (lama daah), that it is sunnah.. Hmmm.. call me jahil (i havent google or ask anyone on how true this is) but is it sunat to give 3 pecks or to do anything in 3 times (just like how we do our wudhu')?? Or is it sunat to give peck(s) when we salam? - doesnt matter 1 or 2 or 3 smooches.



Evolution happened again! Now its not even salam with both hands, its a hand shake with smooches! Is it a better deal? LOL And there is even a hand shake with cheeks rub muahahaha Maybe in the process, someone geli geleman nak give another female smooches on cheeks, she invented "cheek rubs cheek" LOL And believe me this is very common! I myself do this all the time :P Its not that i geli geleman, its just that i think its cleaner!!?? Dont you think so? hahaha Kang my Vaseline coated lips gesel your MAC blushed cheek, the result? = your sticky sloppy cheek :P

photos are for reference only ye

And here in Dunedin, i am amazed by this one nice lady (believe me she's nice!!) who created an even "creative" salam! You wanna know how she does it? She salam with her right hand and she knocks your parietal bones with hers - right left right!!! LOL Or maybe its the junction where your frontal bone meets the parietal haha.

know your parietal bone :P

Well thats enough crapping "yo!cekidaut" for tday hehe. Although.... i still cant imagine my granny giving her teman semasjid pecks on their cheeks *frown*.


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