November 14, 2011


Assalamualaikum wbt

How are you ladies? Well hasnt it been a long pause, my crapping that is ^_^ The lazy bug bit me and caused some major almost permanent injuries :P I know! They exist people!! LOL

So yeaa whats up with title?! Am i on diet? No lah! Its just that i feel like talking bout dieting and all. Because just recently, i had this interesting conversation with Miss XYZ, 10y.o

me: go head, grab anything. aunty masak tau yang tuu *pointing*
10 y.o: o really, i had one of that *pointing to something i didnt bake* already.
me: and thats it?! have some more girl *biggest convincing smile*
10 y.o: er... actually i'm on diet la aunty
me: WHAT?! does your mom know?
10 y.o: yeaa sure *suck cheeks*


10 y.o: cause you know, if you're a fat kid, you'll be a fat adult. and i dont want to be a fat lady. things wont look good on me *frown*
me: wow! really? gosh i didnt know that *sad face*
10 y.o: no one told you that?! *big eyes*
me: no! every one just passed me food! basically people just told me to eat! (demit!)
10 y.o: *sigh*
me: *sigh*

Say what you want to say, but is that even true?! That if you were a fat kid, you WILL become a fat adult?? Well i wasnt fat fat *tongue* but i wasnt skinny, duhh! I never diet or constraint myself from food when i was young. I started to worry (not really) about my weight when i was 13!! Call me a late bloomer! Oh well... We were in States and girls at school were saying that you gotta weigh 110lbs max! LOL MAX!! and i was already 115lbs (i think)!!! I said to myself "i am not gonna be a cheerleader or miss teen usa, so blaaaah" *chew fries*. Haha yeaa that was me :p

And at 15 after PMR, the feeling of wanting to look good increased inside me and my first DIET started! LOL I remember my mom was so supportive, bought me lotsa veggies for my sup sayur dinner ^_^ (I love my mom X). I think i did lose some weight because a teacher complimented on my new figure on my first day of form 4 *suke yang amat*. But the dieting didnt last, because i was a sporty person at school, i can not not eat, i wont be able to perform - i was a  GD in my school's netball team. I was a fugly one haha - scream, scold, smelly and unattractive! LOL Oh i love my team, i love playing netball! I started playing netball for my school since 14 and stopped 5months before SPM ;( (ikut nasihat mak bapak). 

OK back on the track. Then i got fatter and happier during Asasi Sains Hayat (i tend to forget to watch my weight). And Dentistry happened! LOL I lost weight doing my degree, it was hell for the first year; second year wasnt so bad, then third fourth and final year made me love Dentistry and cant wait to become a NICE dentist hihi. O wait, i was kuruus the most during my 3rd and 4th year in UM sebab....... Braces!! O yes! Braces just suck the fun out of you :p Eating is such a pain, you'll wish its always Ramadhan! I cant eat that, cant eat this and ulcers are just everywhere! Urrghhhh i hated Ortho treatment, but i love my orthodontist! Nicest and loveliest Orthodontist out there! hehe *poyo*



Well, returning to my interesting conversation with that 10 y.o girl, i guess its true! Up till now i just cannot say No to food! I eat like a pig *oink oink*! Ask Tahir :p Time dating, Tahir tengok i cam tak makan seminguu kot! LOL I gained a lot of kilos when i was pregnant with Khalish and only managed to lose beberapa je!! But i manage to control my weight now - in my famous life in my head haha. Well i did downsize myself, because running happened! Some time in 2009, I did some brainstorming and i came up with a solution - that if i cant remember to control my food intake, why dont i burn 'em, well not all - i am no Cameron Diaz obviously! I love sports, i played sports in school even though not when i was doing Dentistry (Dentistry can suck the fun out of you too :p). So i started to jog, slow jogs - buntut berat la! Days after days, slow heavy jogs turned to lighter runs ^_^ still slow but lighter, takdela bunyik gedebub gedebub muahahaha

And now in cold cold Dunedin, after giving birth to Umar, I want to start running again (tapi sejuknye mak aih). I miss running, somehow it makes you feel lighter HAHA feel je la, takdela obvious ke'lighter'annya :p Lighter - your head that is :) release tension, haaaaaaa ye! 

I should start running again, i really should!


most used word: suck


s.i.f.a.r said...

you r right, the braces really helped me slimm down.
dulu lah,,dah berapa zaman dah!kui..kui..kui..
rasa cam nak pakai lagi sekali braces!

Fynnaz said...

U're funny. That's y I love you and owh I missed you too. Muahsss!

p/s: Tetiba nak pakai braces sebab saya pun dah gumuk mcm oink oink gak *sigh*

jelita78 said...

oh puhleaseeee..
u are beautiful no matter in what size and u shud be proud of it!
look smashing indeed!