October 6, 2011

she's back!!

Gossip Girl that is *somersault*

Aaahhh *inhale exhale conciously* the hot and nots are back!! I waited and waited and naaah - she's here! Season 5 *hi5*

no Jenny & no Vanessa!! *jumps*

Charlie, not Serena's cousin from last season is still around (so far)

Ho Yess!! Elizabeth Hurley is also in the upper east side. 

And Miss Blair Cornelia Waldorf is getting married to a prince (Oh and pregnant! Sshhhh). And lonely boy Dan is now in love with her! Aaahh the drama!!! LOL

Oooh i cant wait for episode 3 *cloud9*

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Fynnaz said...

Can't wait!!! Babe download mana? Please ajar cz i'm damn excited too! Haha.