August 3, 2011

ramadhan kareem

Assalamualaikum wbt to all muslim readers

I am mostly on the lazy side to blog *sigh*. Blame post-delivery, shorter sleeps or maybe its just plain me being me... 

Ramadhan is here, and today is the third day already. I would like to grab this opportunity to wish all of you a meaningful, fruitful and blessed Ramadhan. Let us look back at ourselves, reflect and istighfar; for all the bad deeds come from us ourselves and the goods are all from Allah swt.

I am missing (and will keep on missing) fasting and tarawikh this year *sad face*, but what i regret most is that i made my husband misses tarawikh at the mosque. He has to be around to manage Khalish, Umar and i... Well, tarawikh at home or at the mosque is still tarawikh right *sigh*. Thanks Abang XX

Till my next post, Ramadhan Kareem :D

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