July 1, 2011

triple celebrations

Happy 32nd wedding anniversary to my parents!!
 They wed on 1st July 1979

1993 - Eid ul Fitr in Oklahoma City, USA

hmmm 2006/2007 (?!!) - Zoo Negara

2010 - Eid ul Fitr, home in Kuala Terengganu
(ayah i mcm pakai bj raya sama in 1993 tu kan? LOL)

Happy 5th wedding anniversary to my sister Nini & hubby :D

Their solemnisation was on July 1st, 2006 in Kuala Terengganu

This is them now! With their children - Iman and Elyas.

Happy 3rd birthday to my one and only niece Pwincess Iman!
She was born on Nini & Fathi's second wedding anniversary :D 

Umrah 2010

This is her now!! She loves Buzz light Year and wishes she is Rapunzel in Tangled :D

I love you all so much XX I wish all of you the world and beyond :)


Moibutterfly said...

Lain sungguh umi masa kat oklahoma! Nways miss u babes!

Dr. Mahyuddin said...

Happy for all of your family members...wish they had an excellent celebration.

PS. Tak jumpa CikDa & Ayh Ngah masa majlis kenduri kahwin adik2 abg din kat kemaman dan terengganu baru2 ni...

gilgalad said...

time kasih ya..