July 12, 2011

12 july 2011

Assalamualaikum wbt

Every July 12th, my dearest husband celebrates his aging LOL Before falling to sleep last night, i asked him,

"Abang, whos birthday is it tomorrow?"
"Mana ade *tongue*"
"Aaawww u thought i dont remember? Of course i do! So tell me, whats the best birthday gift u've got so far?"
"hmm..... birthdays were always a no biggie.."
"Cmon you can tell me.. I know it cant be from me kan? 2009 i got you a blue Ralph Lauren shirt, 2010 i got you a yellow Gap shirt and a feast at Prince Hotel, and this year... well this year... not another shirt heh LOL"
 "I think the feast at Prince Hotel was the best cause i got to indulge in as much oysters as i want!"
"What??!!! Thats your best one? Cmon!"

last year, Prince Hotel

So today, on his birthday, Khalish sang him a birthday song before leaving for school and i promised him that i'll treat him lunch anywhere he wants in the city (alaaa bukan banyak tempat pun bleh pegi - non halals). After his Art/Drawing class (which ends at 12pm), he came back home to fetch me for lunch; and to my surprise he bought me a Medela Freestyle handsfree BP!!! *somersault* He promised me he would buy me one before i pop *big smile*. 

cannot wait to use it!

Lunching. Tahir chose Little India. We had Tandoori chicken, garlic naan, chicken briyani and mango lassi. While enjoying our food, suddenly the snow came down! I was facing the glass walls and i went "Abang look! Its snowing!!" Tahir dropped his fork and knife and turned, he stood up and went to the wall. He was there for a mere 3minutes (i think). He turned back to me with the joyest (is there such word?) look on his face "this is the best birthday gift sayang!" *i melted* "Aaawww... i am so happy for you! Today is indeed a day to remember!!". He sat down again and told this is the first time he sees a falling snow, way back when he was in states he was too little to remember playing with snow. Well i havent seen a falling snow since 1993!!! Not as long as he but that was also when i was in states.

After lunch, i had to go to the clinic - ada patient! Before he sent me to school (school clinic sama tempat la tu :P), he made a turn and stopped at a local electronic store - Noel Leeming. I was too full, i waited inside the car. 10minutes (or less) later, Tahir came back with an Ipod Touch and its for Khalish!! He said that we have to agree to tell Khalish that this is a gift from baby. He wouldnt want Khalish to feel left out once the baby is out since most of his (and my) attention will be on the new comer, well at least for the first few weeks. How thoughtful! *cloud9*

Khalish's new toy

Tuan punya Ipod Touch letih! ZzzZzzzz

Guess thats it for today, untill my next post XOXO

To My Dear Dear Abang,

Happy 31st Birthday! I wish you a never ending happiness with me and our kid(s), abundance of prosperity, health and blessing from Him. You are indeed one of the best thing that 've ever happened to me! You deserve the best and much more :) Lets take this journey step by step and insyaAllah together we will always be blessed and thankful! I heart you.



MataHati @ MH said...

happy birthday to encik suami..
semoga semakin dimurahkan rezeki seperti salji2 yg turun :)

naddy said...

Happy birthday Tahir, best wishes :)

Dr. Mahyuddin said...

I love ur story. I'm soooo happy for you, Tahir, Khalish and baby...all the best Yaya!

I hope we can do a huge reunion for our family one day...

Abg Din

:: LadyVerde + Mr.Doc :: said...

selamat ulang tahun ketuaan incik tahir!
moga bertambah murah rezeki anda sekeluarga..(hows my bahasa?) ;)

yaya othman said...

Thank you everyone :)

Verde - A minus :P hihi

Azieza Uhnavy said...

MAJOR AWWWW!!! Happy birthday Abang Tahir! I'm happy for you guys. Wonderful marriage, a great family (especially with One on its way). I pray Allah leads me to a life of pure happiness. You're blessed and may Allah bless u always!

Dr Mama said...

what a cute lovely story!! happy birthday! and all the best for the rest of your pregnancy ;)