June 15, 2011

week 32

Assalamualaikum wbt

Hi dolls people! How are you? Hows June so far? Alhamdulillah i am fine, both Khalish and Tahir are also doing great :) There was an aftershock couple of days ago here in south of New Zealand, people here felt it but i was up to something (something good i bet), so i missed it - which is good! Kalau tak, i'll terus get fidgety and ring Khalish's school *sigh*.

Anyway, in the month of June, there are 3 of my family members yang celebrate birthday. They are my mom Hjh Wan Noor Rulhuda Hj Wan Yahya on the ninth, my brother Lukman Hakim Hj Othman on the fourteenth and my ayah Hj Othman Hj Daud on the twentieth of this month :) Being far from home - i called to wish 'em  Happy Birthday, posted on their facebook walls and i bought them gifts which i kept with me *nod head*; well i'm not gonna keep 'em to myself, i'm gonna wait till they get here and then pass 'em to each one of 'em :D (Actually, honestly i baru jek beli hadiah utk my mom :P - but i memang niat nak beli utk the other two jugak) LOL

Happy 53rd Birthday Umi XX 
(Thats her on 9th June 2011 at a local hotel in Kuala Terengganu celebrating her birthday 
with the rest of the family :( Wish i was there)

Happy 24th Birthday Abang! (Thats us during Umrah & Ziarah 2010)

Happy 59th Birthday Ayoh! *biggest hug*  (yours truly was a heavyweight then - Eid ul Fitr 2009 LOL)

Moving on, my baby in me is 32 weeks today! Time sho flies people *biting nails* yikes! Now, my appointments with my midwife, Debbie is once in every 2 weeks. Baby is growing healthily, Alhamdulillah! And to date, my weight gain is 5-6kg (i literally forgot my pre pregnancy weight!! Zamn it!). This guy (if that ultrasound scan is valid) inside me is one active fella, i tell ya! Kicking, boxing, knocking and jumping sokmo :P

Lagi, i bought baby's first two onesies!! Pumpking Patch is having a massive sale and mommy is going nuts!! I also bought him a black red cardigan (just in case it turns out to be a girl *wink*), cutest thing ever!

I placed this cardi ontop of my tummy for this photo, and the guy (tuan punye baju) kicked hard LOL "ye sayang, its yours!"

Other than that, this should be on top actually LOL - its school break for me!!! A whole 5weeks *somersault*. Just before school ended for this semester, i submitted my PhD thesis *nod head*. My research title is Antimicrobial Peptides And Their In-Vitro Effects Against Dentine Biofilm. This study wont involve orang (so yeaay); it will though, involves bovine extracted incisors LOL Enough bout that - Bosan!!! *wink*

Hmmm.... i guess thats it for now - i am terribly lazy people, with writing and such here.. i blame my pregnancy but heck - its me really! LOL I dont want my blog to be full of stuffs out for sale - online shopping mall :P Again, thats it for now, i leave you guys with a photo of a home cooked meal by my dear dear abang husband, Tahir!! *cloud9*

Ayam masak merah

June 12, 2011

Tahniah Tranung sebab menang lawang bola dengang Kelatang!!

(sekali sekala blogging loghat tranung :P)