May 23, 2011

you were there for me

I've had my Heloise for more than 2 years. Bought it in KL - Chloe Boutique, Pavillion. It was my 29th birthday gift (from me). She was one tough chick! Fuss free!! Ima miss her :(

One of the few memories of her (yang i ingat) - the first time i took her out was on my first date with En Tahir, ngeeeh :D and En Tahir said that my Heloise looked like a bag being passed from my granma to my mom and from my mom to me (i know!!! apekejadah!!). I guess her colour made her nampak 'matang' LOL

For two years she was with me, i managed to take her for a trip - to Japan. And thats when i first walked into a Balenciaga boutique; and now - i sold her for my first Balenciaga Part Time. Oh well... you cant have 'em all, can you?

(i hope your new owner takes good care of you XX)


An Aspiring Writer said...

awww that's such a sweet attachment you have to a non-living thing!

yaya othman said...

hahah a non l;iving thing :P
tahir ckp "apesal u tak bg i mintak maaf dulu ngan dia sbb dulu i ckp dia tak lawa" hahahaha

i do miss her tho :( she now lives in auckland!

naddy said...

oh kat auckland dia skang? jauh perjalanan beg tu ehehehe