May 13, 2011

cant stop thinking bout..

Assalamualaikum wbt

Since i received that email from a friend in Australia - that email with photos of available Balenciaga bags; i cant stop thinking bout it! Zamn it! I love love love their Giant Gold hardware. And colours that are available are Blue Roi which is TDF (picture below in prev post), Noir and Sahara. Covered hardware Balenciaga bags are also stunning, Rose Gold hardware are also stunning and some colours look awesome with Silver hardware. Aaarrghh!!! Sume la stunning!! And i want one!!

Cant stop thinking bout it - i read the 5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Own a Balenciaga Bag @ Purseblog, and boy dont i agree with Amanda *nodding*. I mean... number 1 - the colours!!! That magic colour (or maybe colours) that you feel like Balenciaga chose just for you, and things will all become crystal clear! LOL (ye memang saya sudah mabuk).

Number 2 - Even when theyre girly, theyre still edgy! Ho yes!! Utter edginess *nodding again*. I forgot the other two but the last one is - not every one has one! Well not such a nice reason but still...!!?? LOL Balenciaga bags are so cool that not every one thinks they can be seen carrying it - some would say "theyre too loud" or "they suit a rockstar, which is not me" or maybe "they look silly", What??!! did you say silly? Honeh, lemme tell ya; its not called silly; its called vanity *nodding third time now and pening from too much nodding*.

And so, with out feeling any guilt - ima buy one! Gold Hardware please!!! Well at least for now *giggles*. Hmmm when i buy a bag, i always give myself a reason for it  or an excuse (so i wont feel so guilty LOL). And so for this one (kalau jadi laa..), ape ye? Hadiah birthday - check! Hadiah Mother's Day - check even though its not my $$. Hadiah anniversary - but thats in december and Tahir gotta gimme instead of me giving me *sigh*. Well, i'll tell ya when i've come up with one or when the bag is mine hehe *wink*.

p.s. You can really tell that i'm bag-cursed huh? Almost all of my recent posts are about bags! *geleng kepale*.


Azieza Uhnavy said...

i would LOVE to own a balenciaga. However, i think my annual pay doesn't even amount to the price of the purse. boohoo. ! :)

yaya othman said...

Aza, if you could own one now - i'd be crying.. u're still a student :P
when i was a student - all i could afford is crap!

naddy said...

yeah i knw the feeling ;) dah decide kaler apa? *i cant wait for july ehehehe

yaya othman said...

i cant wait for july jugak :P june je la Naddy heheheh