May 15, 2011

besides dreaming bout bags


When you're far away from your mom or your favourite food stalls, you oughta prepare what ever you feel like eating yourself *sigh*. And when you're pregnant, the pressure is even more intense! All the marvelous food parading, playing and rewinding inside of your head - you have to get your butt up and make a stroll through the hallway and into the kitchen and start jamming! Ho yeaaa *giggles*.

Since i've been here in New Zealand, this is my second experiment of makin' Kuih Keria :D Both times were fantastic and tasty - but of course first time buat, i couldnt really do the math on how many kumara do i need to feed just 3 people - so i ended up with a dough (kumara+flour) that is enough to feed a football team! LOL

And today, i woke up feeling like having Kuih Keria. Second time's a charmer eyh? haha, well harini punye Kuih Keria - just perfect for the three of us (well maybe four people because i ate for two *tongue*).

Khalish : Mommy buat donut again?!
Me : Yup! I feel like eating 'em. Do you want some?
Khalish : Not like this one. I want donut with chocolate kat atas dia, macam kat Mesia.
Me : Well thats in Mesia, New Zealand got this type only. (zamn it, i miss J Co!!)

Khalish & J Co.

Before we part, a little update from us here in Dunedin
1. Tahir got a job *smile*!! He started working last week. Well its nothing huge really, but something is better than nothing huh?! *wink*
2. I am almost 28weeks and have gained 4kg.
3. Think Tahir and i have come to an agreement on what to name our child *nodding*.

Till next post, tata!


An Aspiring Writer said...

kak, u gained 4 kg since when? how much weight gain dah until currently?

*dreading on how many kilos im gonna pack meself!*

yaya othman said...

so far 4kg :)