May 29, 2011

kuih ketayap

My first try :) Hubby said its his favourite kuih, and i was feeling like having 'em, so voila! We liked it *big smile* (and so did Khalish).

May 23, 2011

you were there for me

I've had my Heloise for more than 2 years. Bought it in KL - Chloe Boutique, Pavillion. It was my 29th birthday gift (from me). She was one tough chick! Fuss free!! Ima miss her :(

One of the few memories of her (yang i ingat) - the first time i took her out was on my first date with En Tahir, ngeeeh :D and En Tahir said that my Heloise looked like a bag being passed from my granma to my mom and from my mom to me (i know!!! apekejadah!!). I guess her colour made her nampak 'matang' LOL

For two years she was with me, i managed to take her for a trip - to Japan. And thats when i first walked into a Balenciaga boutique; and now - i sold her for my first Balenciaga Part Time. Oh well... you cant have 'em all, can you?

(i hope your new owner takes good care of you XX)

May 19, 2011

Assalamualaikum wbt

I just have one question. One simple question for ze day. 

So who invented the so called "Wordless Wednesday" ? Really! Was it you? Yes you *pointing at you*! Baik ngaku skaang!! Pronto pronto!! *giggles*. I mean, why are you always wordless only on wednesday? I am so jealous of you *tongue*, for i am almost always wordless, not photoless; but wordless - yes! LOL

But whoever yang started this thing, lemme tell ya one thing - You are truly a trendsetter hon! You should be proud of yourself *claps*, Congratulations, what an achievement (to be a trendsetter)!!

May 15, 2011

besides dreaming bout bags


When you're far away from your mom or your favourite food stalls, you oughta prepare what ever you feel like eating yourself *sigh*. And when you're pregnant, the pressure is even more intense! All the marvelous food parading, playing and rewinding inside of your head - you have to get your butt up and make a stroll through the hallway and into the kitchen and start jamming! Ho yeaaa *giggles*.

Since i've been here in New Zealand, this is my second experiment of makin' Kuih Keria :D Both times were fantastic and tasty - but of course first time buat, i couldnt really do the math on how many kumara do i need to feed just 3 people - so i ended up with a dough (kumara+flour) that is enough to feed a football team! LOL

And today, i woke up feeling like having Kuih Keria. Second time's a charmer eyh? haha, well harini punye Kuih Keria - just perfect for the three of us (well maybe four people because i ate for two *tongue*).

Khalish : Mommy buat donut again?!
Me : Yup! I feel like eating 'em. Do you want some?
Khalish : Not like this one. I want donut with chocolate kat atas dia, macam kat Mesia.
Me : Well thats in Mesia, New Zealand got this type only. (zamn it, i miss J Co!!)

Khalish & J Co.

Before we part, a little update from us here in Dunedin
1. Tahir got a job *smile*!! He started working last week. Well its nothing huge really, but something is better than nothing huh?! *wink*
2. I am almost 28weeks and have gained 4kg.
3. Think Tahir and i have come to an agreement on what to name our child *nodding*.

Till next post, tata!

May 13, 2011

cant stop thinking bout..

Assalamualaikum wbt

Since i received that email from a friend in Australia - that email with photos of available Balenciaga bags; i cant stop thinking bout it! Zamn it! I love love love their Giant Gold hardware. And colours that are available are Blue Roi which is TDF (picture below in prev post), Noir and Sahara. Covered hardware Balenciaga bags are also stunning, Rose Gold hardware are also stunning and some colours look awesome with Silver hardware. Aaarrghh!!! Sume la stunning!! And i want one!!

Cant stop thinking bout it - i read the 5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Own a Balenciaga Bag @ Purseblog, and boy dont i agree with Amanda *nodding*. I mean... number 1 - the colours!!! That magic colour (or maybe colours) that you feel like Balenciaga chose just for you, and things will all become crystal clear! LOL (ye memang saya sudah mabuk).

Number 2 - Even when theyre girly, theyre still edgy! Ho yes!! Utter edginess *nodding again*. I forgot the other two but the last one is - not every one has one! Well not such a nice reason but still...!!?? LOL Balenciaga bags are so cool that not every one thinks they can be seen carrying it - some would say "theyre too loud" or "they suit a rockstar, which is not me" or maybe "they look silly", What??!! did you say silly? Honeh, lemme tell ya; its not called silly; its called vanity *nodding third time now and pening from too much nodding*.

And so, with out feeling any guilt - ima buy one! Gold Hardware please!!! Well at least for now *giggles*. Hmmm when i buy a bag, i always give myself a reason for it  or an excuse (so i wont feel so guilty LOL). And so for this one (kalau jadi laa..), ape ye? Hadiah birthday - check! Hadiah Mother's Day - check even though its not my $$. Hadiah anniversary - but thats in december and Tahir gotta gimme instead of me giving me *sigh*. Well, i'll tell ya when i've come up with one or when the bag is mine hehe *wink*.

p.s. You can really tell that i'm bag-cursed huh? Almost all of my recent posts are about bags! *geleng kepale*.

May 11, 2011

May 9, 2011

for being a mom

Assalamualikum wbt

So yesterday was Mother's Day (in most countries i believe), how was your celebration? Was there any celebration? Well yours truly didnt celebrate it - celebration yabedabeduu way takla - Tahir blanja makan je *big smile*. But it was nice!! I dressed up - as dressy as i can be - with a baby inside the tummy, you would turn out not even half as good as those without it *tongue*. But i dont have any photo of us on Mother's Day, oh well...

Rewind. I got a card from and made by Khalish on friday (2 days before Mother's Day). He made it at school *big proud smile*. It didnt look super nice or fancy or TDF, but comin' from your own child, it was absolutely adorable to me *cloud 9*. He also baked cookies with his friends - each kid gets 3 pieces and the teacher helped 'em wrap the 3 cookies for their moms (i know - thats so sweet!). The funny thing bout it is, he didnt let me keep it! Tahir reminded him "Arent you suppose to give mommy something? Its Mother's Day", then Khalish passed me the card and wrapped cookies and said "Here mommy, read it ok. Then give it back to me" and i was like "WHY?". "I made it at school, so its mine! If you want one, make yourself one at your school". Tahir and i laughed hard! Kids say the darndest things, dont they?! "Well can i eat the cookies then?" "Ok, you can share it with me". Khalish.. Khalish.. The idea of making someone something just isnt there yet - whatever he makes is his and whatever you make is yours *giggles*.

So i went to school today - cam biasela. Came back home with a surprise - theres a box on my bed!! I screamed with glee *cloud 9*.Terima kasih!! Terima kasih banyak banyak *biggest hug and smile*

Suke tak? SUKE!! ngeh ngeh ngeh

Look at how he spells his name - dah tak muat on the right page, sambung left page LOL

May 8, 2011

Have a ....

merry Mother's Day to my AWESOME MOM 
and every mom out there!!

May 5, 2011


Easter Day - We drove from Dunedin to Queenstown, spent some time there, then drove to Wanaka, where we spent our night. Queenstown is just lovely! Must must must visit her again, with more $$ so we'll get to do loads of stuffs :)