April 1, 2011

the last day of march

Lunch at The Jitsu

Look at Khalish's mouth LOL He adores Japanese food!

Takoyaki yum!!

My Unagi Don *slurrp*

After the meal, Khalish did some colouring. Good boy :)

My (soon to be bigger) family xoxo

Sharing Miso Soup with papa

My heart - Muhammad Khalish

Around The Octagon

Off to watch Rango :D

Yep, so basically thats what we did on my birthday (yesterday). Nothing huge really. No cake, no pinata, no invitation cards; just us *cloud9*! We had such a great time together - quality time.. and no birthday cake can beat that *big smile*

Assalamualikum wbt.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

fabulous!!your son looks same with you..copycat btol yeah!!!!
so cute...take care doc...
have a good day..

-SR from Malaysia-