April 3, 2011

cant control everything

Assalamualaikum wbt

I received a news regarding the death of a dear friend's mother. Innalillah. I was at the clinic - just done with my patient; when my other friend spilled the news, said that our friend is now searching for flight tickets and what not. I am basically new here, i havent had that one best buddy yet but everyone is just so nice, that a heart breaking news like that made me paused. I am not related to her, but the impact was not small on me. I texted her, but received no reply; i called (being the impatient me) and she answered - melancholy. I couldnt bear 1 minute being on the phone with her, so i ended the call.

It happens. Shit happens. (Happened to me - so whats new?)

The one thing i have to bear in mine - i couldnt always be there (for my family), or maybe i couldnt be there :(( Be it bad things or good things... i'm here, and all i can do is become affected - sorrow with a bad news or jumping with a good one. I can hear voices, look at photos, video conferencing but i cant touch 'em, i cant walk with 'em, help 'em ..... and a bunch more stuffs of i cant... *sigh*

i miss all of you!

Moving on..

On the 22nd of March, my beloved sister, Nini gave birth to her first son (second child) Elyas. I received a text from her, her husband and my mom :) I was so happy for her, i literally told everyone i came across with (here)! LOL If only i was there, i would jump into my car, drive straight to Pantai Medical, Bangsar.. oh well.. Being as excited as everyone else, i cant wait for everyone to upload photos of Elyas - i bugged everyone!! hahaha 

And now, more than a week later, i still bug 'em - how much does he weigh now? who does he look like? Does Iman mention my name? Do you guys still go to that place bla bla bla..? Well i am just plain homesick! I wont lie - that its nice here (except for the weather), i love Endodontics more and more, i get along well (if not very well :p) with everyone here, my pregnancy is super - no sickness; but its just not the same... what can i say.. Its just not as smooth, or nice, or closer :)

Regardless of all the complaints, i am truly blessed to be here with both Tahir and Khalish *tight hugs*. They are just wonderful people - i love them so so much (who doesnt love their husband and child huh? :p)! I would make an effort to hug 'em at least once daily - just so they know that i am very thankful for having them here with me; or else Dunedin will be a lot colder!! LOL

Do you hug your husband/wife and kid(s) everyday? Back home, i had so many stuffs going on that sometimes i forgot - i mean its just a hug - i'll hug 'em tomorrow *whistle*. Khalish was with our maid, that gave me a ticket on planning stuffs and projects for myself - which is not so good; i mean you can do lotsa stuffs with your kid(s) right? Yeaa maybe not going to the spa - but i dont even go the spa!! But i would choose to go shopping with a friend instead of with Khalish (which i would ask our maid to tag along).. or instead of joining a gym with tahir, i would go with a girlfriend... hmmm... things i did when i was younger LOL and am not so proud of...

My heartbeats (and another one in the oven)

Now, no maid, no help, no excuse!! :) I have to cook, or be nice to Tahir so that he would cook - which in reality he does (he is just wonderful!), have Khalish ready for school, read with him, play with him, everything! But i dont do this alone - Tahir helps a lot!! By saying a lot, i mean a whole zamn lot! I am just blessed - Alhamdulillah :D He cooks breakfasts, lunches and (sometimes) dinner for us :) He washes, scrubs, dries and all that! For these, i thank him - everyday! We would hug and i would cry sometimes (thats so me!! i know right?!) - in appreciation. 

Being far from home is definitely closer to home *cloud9*


screamingmommy said...

that is so sweet of ur hubby to help in a lot of way..and hopefully u will get used to be away from ur big family soon:)

yaya othman said...

Alhamdulillah :D i am so thankful!



i can totally relate to what you've written. i was in your shoes except with roles reversed about five years ago.

being away from everyone makes our family ties become stronger and closer. then you'll know who your partner really is.

all the best in your phd endeavor. InsyaAllah, you'll do just fine :)

mrs. hisham said...

Syukur sangat kan ada hubby macam Tahir?alhamdulillah.Esok2 ada baby lagi En Tahir kita rajin ;)

yaya othman said...

Nora - sebelum ni tgk org gi study o/seas ingat best je tak ingat part yg tak bestnye ...
Thank you :) InsyaAllah.

Mrs Hisham - Alhamdulillah :) kalau ada rezeki Allah beri, apa salahnya.

nini said...

we miss u too sister! bunches!

Anonymous said...


boleh email me contact noahmad faizal fotografi?dh try google..xda pun..tq!!