March 17, 2011

kids are us!

Assalamualaikum people

So, i went to Pumpkin Patch to pick up your orders; and managed to snap these photos while the sale assistant helped me locate every each piece. I just love kids clothes!! You babies and kids are so lucky - you get to wear all these trendy and lovely pieces :p If it was me dulu-dulu, Kiko and Villa are the only brands i know LOL Well, i didnt grow up in a rich family - just OK

That is me with E and Nini, one Hari Raya Aidilfitri morning :D Somehow Nini's dress is super short LOL

Anyway, here are gambar-gambar baju yang i snapped :) Hope you enjoy 'em as much as i do *wink*

a lovely cardigan for a newborn girl :)

this dress reminds me of my niece Iman *smile*

 which one do you prefer - navy or pink?

Ammar, nak ni ke? hehe

stunning flats for girls!

polka dot legging with matching tops - red or navy?

i love this one!

p.s. i am going for a scan tomorrow *scream weee!!* you think i'll find out whether its a he or a she?



kak yaya.. polka dot leggings (navy colour) tu brape RM ek ?? ade x size utk 24months ??

sya said...


dress polka in legging tu how much yer?

L.I.L.L.Y. said...


L.I.L.L.Y. said...

hihi..kak irma nk cari ke damia laa tuu..

btw mayaya nk blanje kee? hihi

yaya othman said...

irma and sya - polka dot leggings is rm47

tops to match polka dot leggings:
red - rm78
navy blue - rm71

Ammar nok ke dok? hehe

sya said...

sorry dear,

thanks cos reply ye

sbnarnye nak tanye dress polka navy tu..

.. i think i email u sng tak?

mrs. hisham said...

yaya,suka sangat semua baju tuh.i nak teka girl la, kan dapat sepasang.
take care yaya!

mrs. hisham said...

yaya,suka la semua baju-baju tuh.comel sangat.
nak pergi scan?wahhh,gegirl ke boy nih.
take care yar.

yaya othman said...

sya - oh dress ploka ke? heheh sorry my bad. hmm which colour? they are on sale! supa cheap tak silap! yes i rasa lg senang u email je (

Mrs Hisham - cantik kan?? girl ke boy ek? hehe.. klu girl mmg best - i belikan bj2 utk anak pompuan org, i rasa nk beli untuk i simpan jgk je hihi

yaya othman said...

*polka dot

irma said...


hehehe.. kalo bkn utk damia, utk sape lg =)

Anonymous said...

Yaya, tlg tgk2 girls clothes age 5-8(though my daughter br 4yrs ol)hehe...sumthing like polkadot white/red n leggings tu..bleh amik order eh?