March 13, 2011

retail therapy

Just when my tummy is bulging and bulging, i feel like showcasing it with this dress (i knew i shouldnt have walked into Glassons *sigh*)

Isnt it sassy?! Well i think so :p Although i am not sure whether this pattern will make me look slimmer or heavier - now thats important (though theres one thing for sho - it aint gonna make my tummy looks smaller) LOL

And i can pair it with my Zara blazer jacket :D (which somehow looks like this)

and a boyfriend's belt - which i have one, well i had one, but i left it back in Malaysia; so maybe a new one *big smile*

What do you think girls? (or boys) hehe..

Other than that, thought i would share with mothers & fathers, aunties & uncles, granmas & granpas dan lain-lain Pumpkin Patch clothings that are on sale here :) If there is/are any that you like, and cheaper than Malaysia; i would gladly get it/'em for you, just buzz hokay *wink* (bila pregnant ni, i jadi meroyan nak beli baju budak)

6 - 12 months RM40

5 - 11 years RM40

5-7-years RM40

0-18 months RM30

5-11 years RM35

8-11 years RM40

3-4 months RM23

newborn - 18 months RM44

newborn RM23

6-12 months RM30

6-12 months RM23

5 years RM40

6-12 months 3 years RM35

6-24 months RM40

5-11 years RM40

4 years RM40

3-6 12-18 months RM35

3 years RM40

4-5 years RM35

Size 7 8 9 RM30

size 4 5 6 RM30

size 4 5 6 RM30

size 1 2 10 11 12 RM23

size 1 2 8 9 10 11 12 RM23

12-18 months RM23

6-24 months RM30

6-12 months RM45

8 years RM40



hidaya said...

hi dr yaya... pumpkin patch still on sales lagi ker? if i nak order how?

Aida Narina said...

can i guess, can i guess? is it a girl? hehe..

yaya othman said...

Aida, i think so *big smile*

Hidaya - yes, they re on sale now as we speak :D just tell me if any baju yg i upload ni yg u bekenan, oe u can visit their website :)
then email me the details at k

tika said...

yaya, aku nak yg newborn top kaler hijau pastu tepi2 dia pink..belikan!!!!!!!!!!!

naddy said...

glassons! my fav shop masa dok nz dulu ehehehe

eeeee geram tgk all those baby shoes!

AuzMira said...

kak yaya, najad of ur bandana's buyer..
congrats on ur pregnancy!! seronoknya being a preggy mom while doing PhD kat oversaes..semoga semuanya selamat..
saya nak order la baju2 pumpkin patch for my lil' boy..boleh tak? kalau boleh, nanti saya email the details kat kak yaya ye..
thanks and take care ;)

yaya othman said...

sure Najad :)