March 30, 2011

happy birthday max!

Khalish was invited to his good buddy's birthday party last saturday. It was held at McDonalds, Anderson Bay.

He had so much fun, he didnt wanna go home! *sigh* The problem with this boy is that he will ask for his birthday whenever we attend some one's birthday party LOL

"i want my birthday"
"your birthday is not today. it is in august"
"huh? why?"
HAAH!! good luck (to mommy and papa) explaining that!! LOL

Enough with yapping, enjoy the photos :D

Khalish and his buddies - Logan, Max, Jackson, Hong and Memento

the happy birthday boy

Khalish and Logan

crying - sebab tanak balik LOL


Anonymous said...

salam..the last picture tuh khalish been crying rite???
poor lil' boy...huhuhu

yaya othman said...

yep, he is crying in the last picture. know why? cause he doesnt wanna go back LOL he wants to stay. thats always the case whenever we go to a place with playground/compound hehe

Anonymous said...

owh really????
pity always be kids rite...btw how old is he???can he speaks kiwi now???=)