March 31, 2011

happy birthday to me

happy birthday to me

happy birthday to me

happy birthday to me




March 30, 2011

happy birthday max!

Khalish was invited to his good buddy's birthday party last saturday. It was held at McDonalds, Anderson Bay.

He had so much fun, he didnt wanna go home! *sigh* The problem with this boy is that he will ask for his birthday whenever we attend some one's birthday party LOL

"i want my birthday"
"your birthday is not today. it is in august"
"huh? why?"
HAAH!! good luck (to mommy and papa) explaining that!! LOL

Enough with yapping, enjoy the photos :D

Khalish and his buddies - Logan, Max, Jackson, Hong and Memento

the happy birthday boy

Khalish and Logan

crying - sebab tanak balik LOL

March 26, 2011

to aramoana for clams

Date : 19 March 2011
Location : home
What happened : Tahir & Khalish went to Aramoana Beach with Hafiz to collect clams. 
Note : I made spaghetti aglio olio out of 'em :)

Still in his pjs and ready to go!

They just adore clams! (not me - not like that)

March 18, 2011

i am so happy i could knit!

Assalamualaikum wbt

Alhamdulillah :D What a great friday this has been for me (and Tahir) and its only 12.40pm here in Dunedin! We went for my 18weeks ultrasound scan today. My appointment was at 10am, Marinoto Radiology Unit, Mercy Hospital.

This morning, without thinking much, i grabbed my blue/white stripe shirt, and i thought to myself "hmm the fact that i grabbed blue... maybe its a boy... naah!! i've been baking and cooking and baking (which is bizarre)!!". While putting and assembling on my hijab, Tahir said "we dont need to ask the person whether its a he or a she, we already know" "yeaa? youre so sho huh? well the fact that i chose blue... naaahh!"

Since we got here (Dunedin), i havent had any morning sickness, any major disturbance or any i-dont-wanna-be-pregnant-again sorta thing LOL which i had when i was carrying Khalish. So the fact that this pregnancy is so different from my previous one made me think that this time its gonna be a girl, and with Tahir around who so want a girl (so that we'll have a pair), made us trust our guts even more. We have got a name for her and even made Khalish memorize the name LOL i would call my tummy that name, Tahir would and so would Khalish (sometimes)!

note to self : only Allah knows :)

So there we were (i use a lot of so dont i ?) at the radiology unit, waiting - excited! My dad's name was called - well i was called, i followed my radio technologist, Tania - a very friendly technologist from Christchurch, to ultrasound room 2. I laid flat on the 'bed' and just let Tania does her job :) "so do you guys wanna know the gender?" "definitely!" *big big smiles*

The baby was so not helping - position wise. Moving, kicking, thumb sucking, wiping his eyes, squatting(??) LOL Tania got almost all the things /records she needed; "i still need to have a look at the baby's spine again and maybe the genitals. maybe you can go and have a pee. its just next door. maybe the baby will relax a wee bit after that. fingers crossed!".

I came back after a wee pee and a talk - mommy to baby talk, laid there again, staring at the screen in front of me, hoping that we'll have our luck this time. Show mommy your thang baby!! LOL And then Tania froze an image - it looks like somewhere between the 2 legs to me, "and you see that thing there? that tells us that its a BOY! it is definitely a boy". Upon hearing that, tears came down, streaming on my face! Subhanallah!!! I AM THE HAPPIEST PERSON ON EARTH!! No words can describe... Alhamdulillah!! i caught a glimpse of Tahir with red eyes too :) We are absolutely happy and psyched! And i bet so is Khalish!!! 

Before leaving her, i added to Tania "you know what, i think he's pissed! thats why he was being so hard on us just now. all this while we've been calling him with a girl's name! i feel so bad, sad and sorry for my boy" "aaww.. dont worry, he understands".

To this beautiful lil guy inside my tummy, 

i am truthfully sorry :(( I want you to know that i am super duper psyched on knowing that i am getting another boy! Instead of one, i will have 2 bodyguards, or maybe 3 if you count papa in :D I saw your face, hands, fingers, head, legs, and *tooot* today - and i think you looked awesome! I love you xx 

(again i am really sorry i called you a girl's name)

with all my heart,

March 17, 2011

kids are us!

Assalamualaikum people

So, i went to Pumpkin Patch to pick up your orders; and managed to snap these photos while the sale assistant helped me locate every each piece. I just love kids clothes!! You babies and kids are so lucky - you get to wear all these trendy and lovely pieces :p If it was me dulu-dulu, Kiko and Villa are the only brands i know LOL Well, i didnt grow up in a rich family - just OK

That is me with E and Nini, one Hari Raya Aidilfitri morning :D Somehow Nini's dress is super short LOL

Anyway, here are gambar-gambar baju yang i snapped :) Hope you enjoy 'em as much as i do *wink*

a lovely cardigan for a newborn girl :)

this dress reminds me of my niece Iman *smile*

 which one do you prefer - navy or pink?

Ammar, nak ni ke? hehe

stunning flats for girls!

polka dot legging with matching tops - red or navy?

i love this one!

p.s. i am going for a scan tomorrow *scream weee!!* you think i'll find out whether its a he or a she?

March 13, 2011

retail therapy

Just when my tummy is bulging and bulging, i feel like showcasing it with this dress (i knew i shouldnt have walked into Glassons *sigh*)

Isnt it sassy?! Well i think so :p Although i am not sure whether this pattern will make me look slimmer or heavier - now thats important (though theres one thing for sho - it aint gonna make my tummy looks smaller) LOL

And i can pair it with my Zara blazer jacket :D (which somehow looks like this)

and a boyfriend's belt - which i have one, well i had one, but i left it back in Malaysia; so maybe a new one *big smile*

What do you think girls? (or boys) hehe..

Other than that, thought i would share with mothers & fathers, aunties & uncles, granmas & granpas dan lain-lain Pumpkin Patch clothings that are on sale here :) If there is/are any that you like, and cheaper than Malaysia; i would gladly get it/'em for you, just buzz hokay *wink* (bila pregnant ni, i jadi meroyan nak beli baju budak)

6 - 12 months RM40

5 - 11 years RM40

5-7-years RM40

0-18 months RM30

5-11 years RM35

8-11 years RM40

3-4 months RM23

newborn - 18 months RM44

newborn RM23

6-12 months RM30

6-12 months RM23

5 years RM40

6-12 months 3 years RM35

6-24 months RM40

5-11 years RM40

4 years RM40

3-6 12-18 months RM35

3 years RM40

4-5 years RM35

Size 7 8 9 RM30

size 4 5 6 RM30

size 4 5 6 RM30

size 1 2 10 11 12 RM23

size 1 2 8 9 10 11 12 RM23

12-18 months RM23

6-24 months RM30

6-12 months RM45

8 years RM40