February 11, 2011

worry bout tomorrow tomorrow

Assalamualaikum wbt

First of all, Alhamdulillah! I told my supervisor slash course coordinator bout my pregnancy exactly a week after my last post. I went to her office on tuesday, she wasnt there; then i went again on wednesday, she was also not there *sigh* And that night i couldnt sleep, i cannot stop thinking bout our future conversation. And yep, i had a nightmare bout it too (that night)! People, with my hormonal imbalance, i can be the-worst-case-scenario, tell me bout it! Anyway, on the next day, the department had a tea party at 330pm and she didnt attend "where is she?". I mingled with a few people, mostly my seniors - DClinDent Endodontics 2nd and 3rd year. I asked one of 'em whether Lara is around and Eric replied "yep she is, i just bumped into her on my way here". After the small party, i received a text from Tahir saying that he's here - to pick me up. And i said to myself, i gotta do this now! I cant wait another day, i wont be able to sleep, i will go crazy and drive him crazy! "ok, gimme a sec, theres something i hafta do".

I knocked on her door, and there she was; she greeted me and showed me a chair "have a seat Yaya". Before i could begin, she started telling me stuffs on my first Endodontic project, how long should i take to complete it, and she showed me journals yadda yadda yadda; then she paused, "so i guess thats it. do you have anything to say dear?" So i began *drum roll*

"well Lara, theres something i need to tell you, although i dont know whether this news will be as pleasant to you as it is to me" "i'm pregnant and i'm due 10th of august". Lara smiled at me and said "well congratulations, isnt that lovely", and me being me, couldnt believe my ears, started crying! LOL Ahah, i was too relieved and was so nervous on hearing her reply, i cant help myself *tutup muka*. "its a good news dear, and why are you crying?" "well, for a start; i can see that i'm the only pregnant DClinDent student around and i havent start on anything. i dont even have any idea how ima do it, so it is a little bit too overwhelming. but i promise you that i will try my very best, i dont want you to think that just because i'm pregnant, i am incapable of doing stuffs as good or as quick as others, i will try my best" "aww, dont you worry. we've had pregnant students around, you are definitely not the first. and just so you know, i am right here if you need anything". So basically, that was it. I'm so relieved, i could hug everyone! LOL

Moving on, Khalish dah pegi skolah :) City Heights Montessori. He wasnt supposed to start schooling til this week, but he insisted. Last week, think it was on tuesday; we went to City Heights Montessori to submit his forms; then Gill (think she's the gurubesar) brought us on a tour around the school compound, showed us every classroom, the kitchen, the toilets, the playground and introduced us to every staffs. It was a lovely school :D *mommy suke*

And to make the story interesting, one of the classroom has a pet frog. It was a skinny green frog, and Khalish paling happy la masuk kelas ni - trus tanak balik! "mommy, kita nak school today, apela mommy ni". And that was his first day at school :) Till today, he loves school so much, waking him up and asking him to shower is one easy task *big smile*. Few days ago, he came home with his tshirt smeared with paint - watercolour or some sort, "mommy look (showing his tshirt), i colour" "yea? what did you colour?" "dinosaur. red, green and blue" "wow, can i see it?" "yes i know" LOL sian la anak mommy ni blum terer speaking kiwi lagi LOL

Well think thats all for now. I leave you with some photos of us here snapped by Tahir on the Sarjana Otago Family Day at ?? haha tak ingat la nama beach nye :p

Little Amzar and Hafiya

each family had to build a sand castle and may i add Khalish sangat tak membantu haha

after a go at the beach, boy was he hungry!

colouring contest - of course perempuan yang menang LOL


mrs. hisham said...

sure dah lega kan yaya?dah boleh tidur lena dah ;)

Dr. Mahyuddin said...

Saint Clair Beach ke Yaya? Wife Abg Din, Kak Shahnaz kem salam kat Yaya, dia pun baca blog Yaya dgn Abg Din ni.... rindu kat Dunedin.