February 25, 2011

Khalish at school

Assalamualaikum. It has been a while huh? Well, i am kinda busy *sigh*

Anyway, i thought of snapping photos of Khalish at school since his first day here but well.. *sigh*. And... this was around 230pm, just before his session ends - so no photos of his classroom :(

Maybe we'll sneak in another day huh *grin*

till next entry, xoxo

p.s. I believe you've heard or read about the quake that hits Christchurch? Well, fyi, i even felt it too here in Dunedin! Yup! (and its 300+km from where i am to Chch)


zailamohamad said...

waaah syoknya Khalish;)

nanti leh cari awek mat salleh sorang ya;D

Moga u & your family berada di bawah lindungan Allah selalu;)

yaya othman said...

Hi Zaila :)
Yup Khalish suke sgt skola kt sini! tiap2 hari rajin dia gi skola and bile gi pick him up, he almost always requested to stay longer.

take care :)