February 28, 2011

i can bake!

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Being pregnant and far from home has its magic when you are in desperate need of a certain food or taste (in my most recent case, i felt like having the scrumptious Red Velvet cake) and you tried a recipe and to your glee surprise, it tasted good (i wanted to type super actually lol)

I was on facebook and saw photos of red velvet cuppies uploaded by a friend in Dublin, Ireland. Her cuppies looked so yummeh and the colour was so lovely! I immediately left a comment requesting for her recipe :)

I received her recipe signed sealed and delivered :) prolly 7-10 days ago, i bought the ingredients (every and each) the next day! Ahaa, yes, thats how excited i was and dear Tahir was like "you wanna bake dear? are you sure or is this just another phase in pregnancy?""call it what you want, but yes sir, i am going to bake!"; and i got the chance to bake 'em only on the recent saturday. I cant bake 'em on a weekday, my schedule's full (well kinda).

So the recent saturday - we got an invitation to a friend's house, and i've learned that guests aka mommies always bring something to the host :D So i said to Tahir "abang, ima bake red velvet now. thought it would be nice if we could take 'em to Kak Anne's house, doncha think?" "but you only have less than 2hours dear, are you sho?"

So i started baking and i successfully made 25 Red Velvet cupcakes!! *clap* *clap* Brought it to Kak Anne's house and Alhamdulillah cake i laku macam gorang pisang panas :)) (talking bout goreng pisang panas... hmmm... sedapnyeh)

Unfortunately, i did have less than 2hours (that recent saturday), so i didnt get the chance to take photos of my red cakes :( But heres a glimpse of 'em - this was the last piece i had at home, and no, no frosting. LOL i made 25 cupcakes but my frosting was only enough for 22 cuppies *tutup muka*

p.s. When i was pregnant with Khalish, i loathed cooking let alone baking... hmm.. could this be a sign that this time - its a girl? heheh :)


Dr. Mahyuddin said...

Salam Yaya, Abg Din follower Yaya no.100 yeay! Kena bagi hadiah bertuah ni....

Welldone, sbb berjaya buat cupcakes....tapi....bakpe macang penyek2 jer cupcakes dalam gambo tu??? hehehe...gurau aje...

yaya othman said...

As Salam Abg Din :)
Tahniah!! sbb berjaya jadi 100th follower!! hihi.. yes yes dpt hadiah!!! Hadiahnye ialah, penginapan 7hari 7malam percuma dirumah yaya di Dunedin!!! YES!!! awesome, i know hehe :D

Penyek ke? sebab tu hok yaya cobek2 doh ;p hahaha tapi rasa dia mmg sedaaap wa ckp lu... abg din mari sini yaya wak ke abg din and family :)

kim slm kak shanaz :D and de ani sekeluarga