January 27, 2011

wee bit of update

Assalamualaikum wbt people.

Hows the weather? Well its 16 deg C here in Dunedin Central and its summer!! Gosh, we are really trying our best adjusting to this weather, well Khalish is doing fine, as if he reached here 2-3 months before us LOL. Kids!! They blend in fast :D I on the other hand siap demam and batuk-batuk!

Its 7.30pm and outside its like 4 or 5 pm - No Kidding! Maghrib is at 9pm (roughly) and Isya' is at 11pm (roughly), so memang tido dulu then bangun balik la LOL Subuh is at 4+ am so, so far we bangun Isya' time nak dekat Subuh la.

I started school on recent monday, and today is my last day of school for the week. Well actually, this and next week adalah minggu introduction. So basically i havent got to the Endodontics part yet *big smile*. I went to introduce myself to my supervisor yesterday - Dr Lara Friedlander. She seemed nice :) Hmmm, but i havent told her about my growing belly part yet *yikes* I hope she will handle it well *gigit jari*. She did say "I know how it is being a phd student and a mother and a wife, so if you face any difficulty or if your wee guy is sick or in need of your attention, you can just pop in here and let me know". We'll see how true that is hehe..

We have found our own place and insyaAllah we're moving tomorrow :) We found a school nearby that area for Khalish jugak :D Alhamdulillah. Here in cold cold Dunedin, big houses mean big electric bills (more power to heat the house) and it is always smarter and better to opt for a house that will nicely fit just you and family members. Well in our case, the 3 of us! We chose a 2bedroom apartment; it comes with a heatpump and is partly furnished (beds, tv, washing machine, microwave, stove/cooker, fridge) and is fully carpeted. Whoa, that sounds like almost fully furnished huh? the price is also OK, within our budget la :D Alhamdulillah.

Next, a transport for moving around and about. But we dont wanna rush things, kang dapat yang tak brape best kang hehe.. I stumbled upon an advertisement at a local department store - a Merc A class, year 2001, NZ$7k!! murah kan?!

People here, well Malaysians here are so nice - super nice! Ye la kan, keluarga jauh, so we only got each other to keep us cosy and tak home-sick. The moment we arrived, 2 cars datang jemput kami, and the wives waited for us kat umah with lunch/food. Kami sangat berterima kasih :) The following days, we received numerous invites - luncheons, teas and dinners. And may i add sume bini-bini kat sini masak sodaap!!!

I cant wait to settle down, and getting warm around my kitchen nanti, and have 'em over :D

Well, i guess thats all for now. Till next post, bye!

p.s. What would you suggest - tell my supervisor about my pregnancy face to face or email? LOL What ever it is, i plan to do it asap - well, honesty is the best policy :D


zurahimi muslim said...

bestnye lah part duduk obersea tu tapi part belajar tu huhu kzura malas doh belajo :)...btw gudlak!...husband ambik leave kah? bestnye..and congrates. dah berape minggu? baik kabo face to face kot dari via email ;p

Aida Narina said...

opt for face-to-face hehe. i'm sure u would want to see her face when u spill out the news :D take care dear!

ileena said...

have fun in NZ!:).and stay warm too.

Anna Rizal said...

Hi yaya...i'll be moving to NZ too :)...boleh berjiran la kita..tp jiran jauh.. i'm going to New Plymouth this coming April..currently in the permit application process....

Khalish is 5 y.o. this yr kan?? do u apply a student visa for him too? owh...tgh fenin..fenin nak fill up all the application forms..

fara said...

Salam there,
Wishing you all the best for your studies. Enjoy your life there!

-silent reader-

faraulah said...

Good Luck Yaya :D

Bella said...

i'm so impress with u miss...a wife, mother...already had DR title, but still bersemangat utk belajar. hope i can be like u...terus bersemangat utk menimba ilmu:)
oh ya! about ur pregnancy matter... i think u should berterus-terang secara bersemuka then u can see her reaction!

Nana said...

I think better face to face, then the two of you can come up with strategies that would work around your pregnancy.

Wahhh soo many things happening at the same time .. *salute*

yaya othman said...

K.Zura - apa kabo? best mmg best tp sejuk nye la hai sini, ujung dunia dekpon ;p Sementara rajin lagi ni blajo la, kang dh malas kang, scholarship 2kali ganda pun malas gok ;p

Aida - Yes i would love to see her face when i pop into her room and spill it out to her ;p

Ileena - How are you dear? I am having fun and staying warm at the same time nih :)

Anna - Welcome to New Zealand - the land of the kiwis! hehe. Yes Khalish is turning 5 this august, and yep i pplied student visa for him, sbb nnt on 5th birthday dh bleh masuk primary school :)

yaya othman said...

fara - TQ!!

Kak Mah - Tenkiuuu :D ambik dh ke kasut tu? ;p

Bella - Naah I'm no role model lah :p
Just pursuing my ambition :)

Nana - How are you over there? u know what, i dapat blaja kt sini ada byk hikmahnye tau. number one and yang paling penting ialah - takde tempat nak shopping la kat Dunedin ni LOL Big save on the $$ :p Tempat paling dekat nak shopping pun Christchurch, and thats like 300+ km away.

Wish me luck girls!! xx

naddy said...

glad to hear you are settling in... hope all goes well... tk care xoxo

An Aspiring Writer said...

mak ai kak yaya.. 300kilos? that's too far..what if u need a retail therapy? heheh

btw, pictures mana kak?

betul tu, so many things happenings at the same time- good things!

Anonymous said...

hi yaya.. nak tumpang tnya..camna ye nak apply buat PhD takyah ade master.. cam best plak kan.. x yah go through master and trus apply PhD...express rakyat!! hahah..