January 27, 2011

wee bit of update

Assalamualaikum wbt people.

Hows the weather? Well its 16 deg C here in Dunedin Central and its summer!! Gosh, we are really trying our best adjusting to this weather, well Khalish is doing fine, as if he reached here 2-3 months before us LOL. Kids!! They blend in fast :D I on the other hand siap demam and batuk-batuk!

Its 7.30pm and outside its like 4 or 5 pm - No Kidding! Maghrib is at 9pm (roughly) and Isya' is at 11pm (roughly), so memang tido dulu then bangun balik la LOL Subuh is at 4+ am so, so far we bangun Isya' time nak dekat Subuh la.

I started school on recent monday, and today is my last day of school for the week. Well actually, this and next week adalah minggu introduction. So basically i havent got to the Endodontics part yet *big smile*. I went to introduce myself to my supervisor yesterday - Dr Lara Friedlander. She seemed nice :) Hmmm, but i havent told her about my growing belly part yet *yikes* I hope she will handle it well *gigit jari*. She did say "I know how it is being a phd student and a mother and a wife, so if you face any difficulty or if your wee guy is sick or in need of your attention, you can just pop in here and let me know". We'll see how true that is hehe..

We have found our own place and insyaAllah we're moving tomorrow :) We found a school nearby that area for Khalish jugak :D Alhamdulillah. Here in cold cold Dunedin, big houses mean big electric bills (more power to heat the house) and it is always smarter and better to opt for a house that will nicely fit just you and family members. Well in our case, the 3 of us! We chose a 2bedroom apartment; it comes with a heatpump and is partly furnished (beds, tv, washing machine, microwave, stove/cooker, fridge) and is fully carpeted. Whoa, that sounds like almost fully furnished huh? the price is also OK, within our budget la :D Alhamdulillah.

Next, a transport for moving around and about. But we dont wanna rush things, kang dapat yang tak brape best kang hehe.. I stumbled upon an advertisement at a local department store - a Merc A class, year 2001, NZ$7k!! murah kan?!

People here, well Malaysians here are so nice - super nice! Ye la kan, keluarga jauh, so we only got each other to keep us cosy and tak home-sick. The moment we arrived, 2 cars datang jemput kami, and the wives waited for us kat umah with lunch/food. Kami sangat berterima kasih :) The following days, we received numerous invites - luncheons, teas and dinners. And may i add sume bini-bini kat sini masak sodaap!!!

I cant wait to settle down, and getting warm around my kitchen nanti, and have 'em over :D

Well, i guess thats all for now. Till next post, bye!

p.s. What would you suggest - tell my supervisor about my pregnancy face to face or email? LOL What ever it is, i plan to do it asap - well, honesty is the best policy :D

January 18, 2011

Yaya Othman and family are in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah

January 4, 2011

so many things to tell, so little time

Assalamualaikum wbt

How are you ladies? and perhaps "HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011!!!" isnt too late *sigh* I have been extremely busy and caught up with everything!

Since that friday - a day before our garage sale day, and may i add Alhamdulillah we managed to sell almost everything *clap*. Our curtains, dishware, furniture, clothes, shoes, et cetera; then on the garage day itself, OMG tell me bout it! It was a very sunny and hot Christmas day, and on the following weekdays, i had to make hundreds of phone calls - lori untuk pindah umah, KPT, bahagian biasiswa UiTM, this person, that person, then this person cuti sampai tahun baru and that person took an emergency leave sebab anak cirit *sigh*

I had to go to this and that office sebab New Zealand Immigration nak another sponsorship letter, they requested an itemized sponsorship letter, the previous one which simply said Dr Noor Ilyani Othman and family will be fully funded by bla bla bla tak laku *sigh* And then there was this stupid issue that i cant get that itemized sponsorship letter until they held a meeting discussing regarding my phd, because there is no record that i hold a masters degree thus i cant just go on and take a phd (i know right WTH!!), i mean, dah i dapat, dah rezeki i, nak buat camane! I was so furious when the person in charge siap nak tukarkan my offered course name from Doctor of Clinical Dentistry to Master of Clinical Dentistry!! (adakah awak tak betul?)

"Puan kalau puan tukar nama course saya ni, tak tally la dengan offer letter saya, of course diorang akan reject sponsorship letter ni lagi skali" "Tapi Dr. saya takde kuasa nak buat surat untuk Doctor of Clinical Dentistry sebab meeting kata Dr. pegi sambung masters dan dalam rekod memang Dr. belum ada masters"

Ape ape pun, Alhamdulillah, the meeting went well, and i got what i wanted in time (not really). Together with this crap on sponsorship letter yadda yadda yadda, we were also very busy with moving; our big furniture sume di'pass'kan to my sister yang akan pindah umah.

To make the story worse, the truck yang datang was too small (it was lori angkut sayur ok!!), no wonder it was so cheap! LOL It was our fault jugak as we didnt query on the truck's size, once we heard the price which we and everybody else thought is cheap, we agreed not-knowingly *tongue* and so the movers had to come back on the following day with a bigger truck and price! nasib laa... *sigh*. And whats more not helping was our landlord who insisted on coming on that day we hangkut barang, with his new potential tenant!! Arrgghhhh!!! Seriously menyemak! I cant deal with that so Tahir la yang kena, and you know when they say there s a reason for everything, well this was one of the reason why my dearest husband is such a patient man, he handled everything great! I was so thankful!

So yeaa, the new tenant nak masuk umah tu on the first day of 2011, happy la tuan umah tu, well kami pun tumpang happy, and since dia nak masuk the next day after kami hangkut barang, we didnt do a lot of cleaning pun LOL We left them quite a dusty place. Hmmm, sorry. Oh and jangan tak tahu, last day of 2010 was a friday, so imagine la the traffic on that day!! From Kota Kemuning to Damansara Utama - vomit! Pheww..

Moving on, Tahir's family arranged for a kenduri doa selamat for us on the first day of the year 2011! Yup! You heard me right! Right after the hassle and bustle, we drove straight to Ampang Jaya to spend the night there and to help out *fall flat*. And on satu haribulan satu tahun dua ribu sebelas, we had to entertain people plak! and Khalish as usual akan pscyhed when theres lotsa kids and friends around, so he was not helping mommy at all *gigit Khalish*. But Alhamdulillah Tahir's family was so helpful and understanding, i didnt have to help a lot, just put on a nice smile and greet and salam our guests *smile*. I take this chance to thank everyone who came (even though a huge portion of the guests tak baca my blog, takpela LOL)

And now, here i am on a tuesday, at my in-laws house in Ampang, still havent bathe and not working - well i am on leave starting 3Jan til the day i leave *big hooray*. We have just finished packing - packing for our trip to Terengganu not New Zealand LOL, although how i wish! Seems like there are so many stuffs to bring! bummer... anyway...

Yes! We are going back to my parents house in Kuala Terengganu for 6days *somersault*. And then we oughta leave, leave Terengganu, leave Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia *sob sob* I am going to miss our food!! I dah suh my MIL buatkan her delicious daging dendeng for us to tapau to NZ.. and my mum - kalau bleh nak suh buat sume!!!

I guess thats all for now people, i wish all the best of things for you this year!!

Oh and "wish me luck" !!!! (yikes, dah lama tak jadi student ni, seram jugak LOL)

p.s. August nanti, Khalish celebrates his birthday with a new someone *wink*