December 13, 2010

garage sale

Salam people :)

We will have a garage sale - a massive one!! Everything must sell!!
(since we are leaving the country)

You must come!!!

oh and theres free food ^_^


faraulah said...


kmah gi amik kasut kat sana ok dok?

An Aspiring Writer said...

:( leaving the country e kak yaya? it's time already?

still remember me- dahlya- we bumped into each other at the gym at uitm?

o well, you are not gonna leave your keyboard right?

see you in the virtual world kak yaya!

all the best!

yaya othman said...

kak mah :) jumpe di damansara yeh :)

Dahlya, mesti la ingat :) InsyaAllah we'll see each other here :)

Ninie said...

yaya..u r leaving the country?where too?insyaAllah akan pegi menterjah ur garage sales...blh bg list sikit apa yg ada nanti tak?