November 14, 2010

get well soon honey

Dear Khalish,

I am so proud of you! You are such a strong boy :)

again Mommy is so so proud of you!

InsyaAllah esok kita balik rumah, yeaay!

*kisses and hugs*



Norr said...

Salam -

what happen ? semoga Dr sekeluarga tabah hadapi ujian...Khalish, strong boy!

faraulah said...

Bakpe ngan Khalish??..

Anonymous said...

what's wrong with his eyes doc???
poor him..get well soon khalish!


An Aspiring Writer said...

oh no! what happened kak? kasihan budak kecik bendaged like that!

yaya othman said...

Khalish 's right eye started with an infection (conjunctivitis), then proceed to corneal - the tear film.
so kena admit beacuse eye drop kena diberi every hour, and kena patch so that Khalish cant scrub/rub/scratch. Alhamdulillah Khalish dh ok :) kami dah bole balik harini as i write :)

TQ for the well concerns/wishes.

Nana said...

aaws cian dia! hope he's much better now ;D

yaya othman said...

Nana, he is :) thank you for dropping by *hugs*