November 23, 2010

Queen B,

u always look stunning (with or without effort) :8)


An Aspiring Writer said...

eh she smiles just like you!

yaya othman said...

what??!! really? naaah cant be ;p
ure being too sweet now :D

p.s. i bought a red coat just like that! lol

na said...

yaya u beli red coat?kat mana?i pun interested..plis3 let me know..

yaya othman said...

i beli kt victoria secret dot com :)

An Aspiring Writer said...

kak yaya, sama tang gigi tu. heheheh jangan marah na.. gigi kan haruss la!

yaya othman said...

hehe tak marah *blushing*

Anonymous said...

Hi : )
Shopping on the web or in-store? which usually would you prefer? really wondering lol.. i favor in-store only because i don't really like waiting for it to come!