October 7, 2010


Salam dolls :)
How are you? As for yours truly, great!

As you all know i love love love Gossip Girl and Grey's Anatomy, and i am proud to say that i have watched GG season 4 episode 3 *jump*, i am now waiting for episode 4; let us hope the downloader works a bit harder for the next episode huh?! lol

As for Grey's Anatomy, with a frown i have to say that i am crawling people.. i am still watching season 5 although a complete season 6 and 2 episodes from season 7 is with me, i cant seem to find the time and time!! *sadface*

Anyway, moving on to Gossip Girl - aint never got any juicier than this!! Oooohhh la la, i love love love!

The season kicked off with Miss Waldorf and Miss Van Der Woodsen in Paris, having 'the' time of their lives. Shopping, dating, shopping, bonding and shopping :D You get the juice kan? *wink*

Oh and back in the Upper East Side, Georgina aka Cruela Devil surprised Dan with a huge tummy claiming that its his child, and Nate got to know a girl name Juliet. And for a second there i thought this Juliet is 'THE' Gossip Girl lol but *buzzer* NOT!! hehe

Yadda yadda yadda, summer ended so B and S had to go back to school - Columbia, NYC.

Its their first day of school and Miss Waldorf chose Mulberry Alexa, nice! Ooh and i love Serena's shoes *wink*



Episode 3 - Dan found out he isnt Milo's real father, and Chuck is alive and kickin' back in Manhattan with an anorexic looking girl Eva, Blair and Serena are besties than ever, and there is still no sign of Jenny Humphrey - kesimpulannya, I LOVE IT!!! Yeaaah i loathe Miss Humphrey.

Oh by the way, Nate's new girl Juliet (photo above) is a witch! *grrrr*. Once men have tasted caviar, it baffles me how they settle for catfish!

Oooh i cant wait for episode 4 and more!! Gimme more drama, more gossip, more twist (not to a point of ridiculosity though hahah) and more fashion!!

Well i guess thats it for now. Bisou bisou


ieda said...

I dah tgk episode 4 semalam..it was awesome!!

S & B definitely best fren ever whatever happened!!

yaya othman said...

I pun dh tgk!! yippie :)
cannot wait for epi5 kan kan kan... hihi

Anonymous said...

Kat mane ya nak download GG season 4?

yaya othman said...

hmm seriously, i donno sbb bukan i yang tukang donload nye.. but i'll ask k *wink*
will get back to you