October 17, 2010


An Education

The story of 17-year-old girl living in the quiet London suburbs. As the swinging ’60s culture emerges, her world turns upside down after she meets a 35-year-old sportscar-driving Brit. He courts her with chic dinners, clubs and foreign trips, charming her father but putting her future at Oxford University in jeopardy.

Have you seen this film? I had the chance of watching it with Tahir dearest couple of nights ago. Its a nice movie, i would rate it 7 outa 10. Its not hillarious, its not romantic, its not scary, its rather boring if you loath on movies with too much talks and little movements lol. But i liked it :) I can relate to it, totally.. A young girl falls for an older guy who seemed rich and have it all, forgo her studies and dreams, sounds familiar to me, or to any other person actually. Well it happens huh, in our community.. parents with middle class pay or less or more for that matter, would approve of such relationship - their young girl and a mature-kinda rich-graduated-stable guy.

Well heres a rather not so interesting story about yours truly lol. When i was in my last year in secondary school, a not so close friend of my mother approached my parents, actually she approached my mum (i think). The approach was for her son -who is still in school and with school i mean UK doing accountancy or business or that sort- to "berkawan" with me LOL

Wait!! Thats not what i wanted to tell you.. OK back to my point. For real!

In this movie (An Education), the girl Jenny has been brainwashed by her father to go to Oxford. He spoke nothing but great things bout this university and bout how her life would be after she graduated from Oxford - wonderful that is. And i, since little have been brainwashed by my father who graduated from UM to go to UM, yeaa whats new huh? And he spoke nothing but great memories and events bout his days in UM. Thus, growing up, it is my ambition to get to UM, doing whatever.. but in UM still! hehe

Back to this movie; after skipping her important exams and deadlines, after all the climax between Jenny and this older and married guy (yeaa she found out he's married), she didnt get to Oxford, whaddayaknow huh.. To cut the story short, she got up, repeated her final year in school, sat for that important exam with a help of a nice teacher (theres always a nice teacher..), she made it! It was the last scene in the movie when a mail arrived, she was having breakfast, still in her pjs. She opened the envelope, read the acceptance letter :) I thought the actress played her role so well because her expressions said it all - the happiness and satisfactions once she got accepted. And thats the best part of the movie for me! It made me remember my story when i got accepted :)

It was 1998, i was in KL with my parents and siblings, and my mum got a call on her cell. It was my aunt. She was at my house in KT, she called to inform me that theres a letter from UM, and me being me - tak bleh sabo!, asked her to open and read it for me, but at the same time i dont want her to open it an read it for me, haha afraid that i wont be ok if i dont get in (malu kat ayah pun ye) LOL Yes, i was a bit of drama queen back then... and so my aunt read it and i remember it sounded something like "Dengan sukacitanya dimaklumkan anda telah terpilih untuk mengikuti kursus bla bla bla....." and boy wasnt i the happiest 18 year old budak lepasan SPM! Alhamdulillah!! I literally was jumping in front of Dunkin Donut's counter (yeaa we were about to buy some donuts)! I begged my parents to go back to KT right away because i wanna see that letter myself, read it myself, parade it and make it lunyai myself! LOL Being the best parents, they agreed :8)

And this year at the age of 30, i received another letter just like that one back in 1998! YES!!! I got accepted to University of Otago, New Zealand!!!! Alhamdulillah *jump* I got to know this during Ramadhan aritu, but i didnt want tell you because i still got to wait for my scholarship result, and Alhamdulillah, last week or so, my Deputy Dean of Academics texted saying that my scholarship has been approved(!) and i will be a student once again in January next year!! hip hip hooray!!

The story on how i managed to apply for this postgraduate course is one helluva story(!), well at least to me and Tahir :) hehe

It was 2 weeks (or less) before i went for umrah; i realized that the application dateline for a postgraduate course in University of Otago is imminent, but i was so inattentive to apply since i didnt make the cut last academic year (although i got shortlisted! not to be a brag.. haha) . Number of days later; on the phone, my mum said to me "I had a dream, u got in. That university in New Zealand, whats its name again?". And i answered with an apathetic voice as dull as dishwater, "Otago. Really? I dont know, they didnt accept me last year, i dont think they'll accept me this year.. and their intakes are crazy and the competition, dont let me start on that". After that conversation with umi, her sentences kept repeating itself in my head. I told Tahir bout it and he said, "Why not??! Apply la", and so i did. I couldnt send my application forms and whatnot via mail because they wont reach Dunedin, New Zealand on time, well not before the dateline. So i called 'em and told 'em that ima fax my applications and everything and that i will mail 'em too but it will reach 'em later than the dateline. They said ok, so i straight away did the faxing *sigh* and that was 3 days before the dateline. Alhamdulillah.

Few days later, or was it 3 days later, i went for my umrah and all i can think of is my application. Whether i faxed it to the right number, whether i got the country code correct, whether their fax machine is ok or did it cause my transcripts to be in low contrast, that would make it difficult for 'em to read or understand.

And when in Mekah, all you can do and all you will do is pray and doa. And Alhamdulillah! Allah is great! Now i am 2months and a half away from Doctor of Clinical Dentistry Endodontic registration day!

*big satisfying smile* That smile, a smile of satisfaction and that fulfilling sparkle in your eyes is an epitome of gratification. Priceless!

Thank you Allah.


Aida Narina said...

Yaya! Congrats!! It was such a good happy ending for you. I love-love reading your story. And I hope your preparations to start a new and adventurous life in Otago is running smoothly :) :)

Aida Narina said...

Owh, and patutlah the other day I saw your post on facebook wanting to sell your bits and pieces from your house :) :) Rupa-rupanya betul tekaan I hehe..

mast@work said...

congrats.. all the best for phd..

salam kenal.. i always baca ur blog but malu nak introduce myself.. i baru start my study in Japan..

fathi said...

owoh!!!.. gi cerita pulok jln cerita sampai ending.. aco!!!!... ambe dok tgk g!

.p.i.d. said...


Mummylicious n Bagaholics said...

ooo nak gi NZ dah.. :) happy for you!!!congrats yaya!

Fynnaz said...

Congrates dear! Sukanyaaa!!!

Me too can't forget the excitement once dpt offer letter for my Bsc. and Msc. Weeeee!!!

Ibu to AqiF n ImraN said...

congrats yaya....am happy to the max for you :)

yaya othman said...

Thank You people for all the best wishes and warm words :) i am very grateful, Alhamdulillah.

I pray Allah will grant all of us happiness here and there insyaAllah.

yaya othman said...

Mast@work - All the best for your study in Japan :) Kawaii!

Fathi - tengok jgn dok tengok.. aku rasa mu ske :)

Aida - u got that guess right hon

salwa@wawa said...

Hi yaya,
Congrats on the phd offer..
I've been your silent reader before..
Insya-Allah, I'll pursue my phd in Canterbury next Jan jugak...
yaya, can I have your email..i have few questions to ask...


Amira said...

Yaya...I'm a silent reader...has been following your entry since fotopages. Though I don't know you personally, I do think you deserve it. Congrats :)

zurahimi muslim said...

Wah bes nye! Selamat study!!

Bubbly BuBu said...

yaya dear..

congrats million2 times..mesti seronot nk jadi student balik ork..hehe..anyways best of luck..n jgn lupa update blog sokmo masa kat NZ kekgi deh..

Bubbly BuBu said...

yaya dearest

congrats million2 times hon!! musti eksaited nok jadi student balik ork heheh..best of luck n dun forget to update ur blog..kita pung nok tau stories from NZ gok..

yaya othman said...

Wawa, my email is yaya_c@yahoo.com

Amira, Thank you :) how lovely of u to say that *blush*

K. Zura , TQ! wish me luck :)

Dayah, Time Kasih!
InsyaAllah akan ku tetap memblogging walaupun dibumi NZ hehe

Anonymous said...

I'm Glad i discovered this blog.Added dryaya.blogspot.com to my bookmark!