September 7, 2010

Japan part 2

Honestly, this entry is a drag for me, no offense, its just that i'm so much in Raya Mode!! LOL

So this post will be photos photos and hmm... photos ^_^

After our days in Hakone, we moved to Tokyo via train (what else?). And in Funabashi, our hotel is opposite LaLaPort, Tokyo Bay. Its a mall, a single storey if i'm right.

Our first morning in Tokyo, we started with walking (Khalish on his Quinny Zapp) to LaLaPort.

Outside LaLaPort, no need to worry bout losing your bicycle here

Haaa thats LaLaPort from the outside. this place is huge people!! Great for shopping hihi

Abang trying his luck (and may i add he wasnt lucky that day *sigh*)
Better luck next time sayang :)

Then we hopped on the train and went to Shinjuku.

Inside the train - Khalish having his brunch - a bug :)

Walked to Yoyogi

Free Hugs :)

Meiji Jingu at Yoyogi Park

We reached Shibuya and Ueno Park

And finally we reached Harajuku

Last but not least we took the train to Akihbara

A maid from the Maid Cafe

Electronics, electricals and such are cheap here but we didnt buy anything from Akihabara *sigh*

OK done! haha.. that was fast! Good!! hihi

So up next is our fun fun day at Tokyo DisneyLand ^_^ Lets hope i'll post that one up before my Aidilfitri entry LOL

Till then, babai.


Anonymous said...

salam dr...

arghh bestnye u dpt g akihabara dgn shinjuku..
heaven rite?? :)

can't wait to know bout next post..
hee :)

btw wish u and family selamat hari raya!!

take care and have a nice holiday yeah...



Doctor said...

Salam Yaya, just dropping-by your blog. Baru buka akaun FB yaya after your add me in.

Lama betul dok contact saudara mara sendiri, maklum la keluarga kita besar. InsyaAllah kita rapatkan balik ukhuwwah sesama keluarga kita.

Dah besar panjang anak Yaya. Nice seeing your family photo. Abg din kat PPUKM sekarang, final year masters in Orthopedic surgery. Duduk kat Bandar tun Razak. Hopefully nanti boleh jumpa/jalan raya kalau ada rezeki. Kirim salam kat hubby yer.

ABg din

yaya othman said...

abang din,
selamat hari raya aidilfitri maaf zahir batin!