September 29, 2010


See i got myself a souvenir from Japan. I bought it at Tokyu Hands. Its a mini digital camera! Its so cute *wink* and its fuchsia pink *giggles*.


Its a toy camera, well its a real digital camera, though it looks like a toy but its a camera nevertheless. It functions like a camera (almost).

Moving on, it doesnt have an LCD at the back, it doesnt zoom, it doesnt flash and it doesnt have modes or anything like that. Basically its really stupid haha! But i love it :)

So back to the story, we went to an open house - my close friend's open house. And me being me who forgets a lot and Tahir being him who purposely buat tak ingat, we ended up not bringing our G11. But.. thankfully my fuchsia pink mini digicam ada! So we snapped the event using my digicam. Everybody was so amazed with that thing (tua muda miskin kaya), people went like "is that a real camera?" "how much was it?" yadda yadda yadda.. and i was a proud mommy that nite LOL

And now, one week after that open house, and after 3 nights of trying to figure it out; the problem is, how do i extract the photos from this mini digicam???!!!! Aarrggghhh!!! Its driving me nuts! See, the paper is in Japanese!!! Demit!! It came with a CD, i installed everything (i think), but somehow i still cannot retract the photos! *dizzy*

The thing came like this (googled)

Who on earth can help me?? Anyone reads Japanese?? Please.. pretty please :(

Noorita Fujiko, if you are reading this, HELP!!!

*sigh* oh well *sigh*


Anonymous said...

Dr, I can help you.
Aliff 2nd yr.

yaya othman said...

TQ Aliff :)
nanti bg duit raya okeh