September 29, 2010


See i got myself a souvenir from Japan. I bought it at Tokyu Hands. Its a mini digital camera! Its so cute *wink* and its fuchsia pink *giggles*.


Its a toy camera, well its a real digital camera, though it looks like a toy but its a camera nevertheless. It functions like a camera (almost).

Moving on, it doesnt have an LCD at the back, it doesnt zoom, it doesnt flash and it doesnt have modes or anything like that. Basically its really stupid haha! But i love it :)

So back to the story, we went to an open house - my close friend's open house. And me being me who forgets a lot and Tahir being him who purposely buat tak ingat, we ended up not bringing our G11. But.. thankfully my fuchsia pink mini digicam ada! So we snapped the event using my digicam. Everybody was so amazed with that thing (tua muda miskin kaya), people went like "is that a real camera?" "how much was it?" yadda yadda yadda.. and i was a proud mommy that nite LOL

And now, one week after that open house, and after 3 nights of trying to figure it out; the problem is, how do i extract the photos from this mini digicam???!!!! Aarrggghhh!!! Its driving me nuts! See, the paper is in Japanese!!! Demit!! It came with a CD, i installed everything (i think), but somehow i still cannot retract the photos! *dizzy*

The thing came like this (googled)

Who on earth can help me?? Anyone reads Japanese?? Please.. pretty please :(

Noorita Fujiko, if you are reading this, HELP!!!

*sigh* oh well *sigh*

September 23, 2010

sape nak???!!

Uneven Hem Thin Knit Black Cardigan
Size UK10 (this cardigan is stretchable due to its knitted material, so bole muat size12 also)
Free shipping

Short Blue/Grey Floral Cardigan with buttons on front
Size UK12
Free shipping

Gold Shimmer Knit Cardigan
Size UK10, can also fit UK12
Free shipping

All cardigans are brand new ^_^ so buzz me if interested

And lastly, an abaya from Mekah :)

Black abaya made from great quality fabric. No need to worry bout being 'panas' in this outfit. A line dress, long sleeves (flaring) and most importantly slimming!! Great beading work and embroidery (main colours are olive green and orange).
Size XL but i think it fits UK16-18.
Brand new, belongs to my aunt but too long for her. The length is 57inches.
RM390 and free shipping. Accept 2times payment.

Drop a comment to grab this!

September 21, 2010

Tokyo Disneyland!

Assalamualaikum wbt pretty people :) and Minal Aidil Wal Faizin :)

Tonight, i am presenting...


My last entry on our Japan trip :) fuuuuhh!! People, i tell ya, there are lotsa photos!! And honestly i like 'em all (TQ sayang for the great photos), yea thus giving me a tough time to choosing 'em! But the important thing is that i managed to, vaguely.


Enjoy people *wink*

We arrived at Disneyland Tokyo at almost 10am (Tokyo time)

And these are photos of Khalish with Disney characters and his favourite is of course Mickey the Mouse :) My son blushed when he first saw Mickey!! Blushing tau!!! Suke teramat la tuh :D

Our second ride and it was a friendly roller coaster :) and i was up front on the first row!!!

Minnie Mouse's pwetty house :)

Mickey Mouse's home and thats us with him! It took us almost 2 hours of queuing nak jumpe this famous mouse tau!! But it was worth it *smile*

And the parade for the day starts!!

After the colourful parade, Khalish got hungry and sleepy *like*. And bile dia dh dozed off, mommy and papa went for a more adventurous-wet-nerve wrecking ride *evil laugh*.

Suns down and after dinner or should i say iftar, we sat down for good view of another scheduled parade, with lights!

And before the clock hits 10pm, we did some shopping!! Tokyo Disneyland Ts for everyone, fridge magnets, keychains, yadda yadda yadda... hehe.. u get the idea kan?

I heart this Dumbo ears!! So did Khalish *giggles*

September 9, 2010



ikhlas dari kami sekeluarga :)

Aidilfitri 2010

September 7, 2010

Japan part 2

Honestly, this entry is a drag for me, no offense, its just that i'm so much in Raya Mode!! LOL

So this post will be photos photos and hmm... photos ^_^

After our days in Hakone, we moved to Tokyo via train (what else?). And in Funabashi, our hotel is opposite LaLaPort, Tokyo Bay. Its a mall, a single storey if i'm right.

Our first morning in Tokyo, we started with walking (Khalish on his Quinny Zapp) to LaLaPort.

Outside LaLaPort, no need to worry bout losing your bicycle here

Haaa thats LaLaPort from the outside. this place is huge people!! Great for shopping hihi

Abang trying his luck (and may i add he wasnt lucky that day *sigh*)
Better luck next time sayang :)

Then we hopped on the train and went to Shinjuku.

Inside the train - Khalish having his brunch - a bug :)

Walked to Yoyogi

Free Hugs :)

Meiji Jingu at Yoyogi Park

We reached Shibuya and Ueno Park

And finally we reached Harajuku

Last but not least we took the train to Akihbara

A maid from the Maid Cafe

Electronics, electricals and such are cheap here but we didnt buy anything from Akihabara *sigh*

OK done! haha.. that was fast! Good!! hihi

So up next is our fun fun day at Tokyo DisneyLand ^_^ Lets hope i'll post that one up before my Aidilfitri entry LOL

Till then, babai.