August 28, 2010

Japan part 1

Assalamualaikum wbt :)

My first post on my recent trip to Japan.

See i went to Japan to attend APDSA Conference 2010. What the hell is APDSA? Silly me - Asia Pacific Dental Students Assoc :) When i was a student back in UM, i never got to attend this thing, i wasnt invited or aware of such conference and partly because i was never an excel student - to come up with a paper or research ;p the only research i did in my undergrad years was when i was in my fourth year, tu pun sbb wajib!! hahaha

Anyway, when my faculty searched for any lecturer who would accompany our 25 (?) students in Japan, i was so psyched and volunteered! I didnt care whether the trip will be sponsored or not, all i know is its Japan and i'm going hon *wink*. Meetings after meetings, meet ups after meet ups, finally it is decided that i will be sponsored!!! *somersault* Came home running (literally) and screaming the good news to dearest Tahir :8)

We departed via JAL from KLIA to Narita airport on 15th aug at 11pm and reached Japan the next day at 7am Japan time (if not mistaken).

From Narita Airport, we took their most used public transportation - train/subway. You can (almost) never spot me on our local train or sub, well its not beacuse i loathe the thing, it is because 1. i drive 2. its not accessible to me - not in my daily route, no 3. well number 3 is ... hmm... tak kebetulan kot LOL. Anyway, we were on the train for as long as i could remember!!! Tertido tergolek golek bagai i tell you!!! LOL

Inilah ragam Khalish yang jarang jarang sekali naik sub :p

dan inilah gaya manusia yang keletihan dek puasa and tak cukup tido dlm flight :p

Look at that silly photo! Look at me!!! Thank you to my student who managed to snap this muahaha. After the train, we reached the designated station in Hakone, we took a bus plak to our hotel *sigh* and you know what did the guide said to us "Alright people, relax, we are going to be in this bus for 1 year" and i was like "the hell??!!" LOL She meant 1 hour, fuuuhhh.... but honestly it was less than an hour, i think it was like 30minutes je kot.. anyhow, the shorter the ride the better kan *wink*

We reached the hotel, Hotel Okada. Hakone is part of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, less than 100 kilometers from Tokyo. Famous for its hot springs, natural beauty and the view of nearby Mount Fuji. Although i didnt take a glance of Mount Fuji LOL but some of my students said they could spot it. Hakone is one of the most popular destinations among Japanese and international tourists looking for a break from Tokyo. Checked in, and Alhamdulillah i didnt have to pay extra for a room to my own ..yippie.. ye la kan, takkan la nk split plak with hubby and son :) I honestly thought i would have to pay extra hehe..

Our spacious room - 2 super single beds, a tv area and a dining area with traditional Japanese dining table and seatings and tea set.

And my first buka puasa (6.30 pm ish) meal in Japan.. tadaaa...

After the meal, i had to attend the opening ceremony. Participants from Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Myanmar, Cambodia, Australia, Fiji, Chech Rep., South Korea (did i miss any thing? *sigh*) gathered and got to know each other. To those who attended the conf last year or years before, they might see lotsa familiar faces, but as for me, except for my students, i know no one!! From Malaysia, students from UiTM, UM, USM, USIM and UKM attended :)

And thats it for my first day in Japan :)

(bole tak malas dah nak sambung?)


Second day, the conference and seminar began. A few of my students presented their paper and i thought they did good (even though they didnt win :( ). And i, with a husband and son started wandering around Hakone! hehe..

Yes people, it is summer and so the weather is somehow mcm Malaysia tanah airku :)

Showing off my most comfortable walking footwear - a pair of Crocs :) i love you both! xx

Comes Zuhur (12pm ish), we headed back to our hotel sebab they included a city tour in our agenda :) We hoped they would take us to somewhere we didnt reach.

A local cleaning after her dog

We got onto a ship and sailed thorugh Lake Ashi (Japanese: Ashinoko). It was formed in the caldera of Mount Hakone after the volcano's last eruption 3000 years ago.

Super duper clean!!

And our second iftar in Japan ... hmmm.. lebey kurang samala with the day before *sigh* (i miss nasi briyani!!)

And so that is it for now :) Till my next entry on our days in Tokyo! *big smile*

Oh ye, lupa nak add, imsak is at 2 am ish and subuh 3 am ish there!


Anonymous said...

dear dr. yaya =)
assalamualaikum & salam ramadhan
ur blog is so interesting n it's kind of a routine pulak for me to read or posts everyday =)

yaya othman said...

wa alaikum mus salam :)
Ramadhan mubarak
aww, thats so sweet.. but i'm sorry on my part sbb i dont have new post everyday ;p

Anonymous said...

dear dr.yaya
oh it's ok =)well my name is Yon Bahiyah and i studied in UM back in 2006.. i did catch a glimpse of Dr at DTC (festival seni 2006 i think)=)
i felt like a stalker pulak dok baca ur blog over n over (menarik sngt).. so it's best for me to introduce myself.
thanks for the reply dr.yaya

yaya othman said...

hi bahiyah :)
u saw me kat DTC? haha betulla tu kot because i mmg ske gi fes seni :)