August 2, 2010

eventful weekend

On friday, 30th July 8.30pm - 10.30pm, we attended a wedding. Tahir punye kawan kawin ^_^ The bride was a lovely girl, Hudaa and the groom was a lucky dude, Izwan. It was a beautiful wedding held at Tropicana Golf, Damansara. We didnt bring our camera, so no photos :( but if we brought our camera, i would've snap a photo of Khalish giving the pretty Lisa Surihani a rose *giggles* (mommy nak flower tak bley, nampak Lisa Surihani trus kasi LOL).

And on saturday 31 July 2010, i attended a course "Etiket dan Adab Meja Makan" from 9am - 4pm at Intekma S. Alam. Didnt even bring the camera, so again no photos. And people, etiquette is tough!!

Attended Malam Anugerah Kecemerlangan Akademik 2009/2010 "Sparks of Asia" 8.30pm - 11.30pm at SACC Convention Center. Had so much fun!!!

I didnt know what to wear, so i grabbed pape je from my closet and claimed i am cewek Java LOL. See the trick is you oughta wear something from any Asian country except your own!

with Dr Dian, Dr Masood and wife Dr Yaghma, Dr nora and Dr Dina.

us academicians :)

Then on Sunday 1 Aug, visited Farah and Faliq's new bundle of joy, Maya Suraya at Wangsamaju. We were there from 12pm - 4pm!! haha.. Abis makan mee, makan chocolate cake, fruit cake and pizza!! Thanks for having us :)

Isnt Maya a doll? *smooch*

At 8 - 10pm, we had dinner with my inlaws kat Bamboo :) Such a serene place! love love love the style & concept. The food werent bad at all, you should go and have a try!! But maybe if you could escape this place on a weekend la kot, because subhanallah, ramai nyeh orang!! The dinner was for my sister in law's graduation, my acceptance for postgraduate and my mother in law's birthday, so its a three celebrations in one!!

At the entrance, "Sayang, stand there, lemme take a picture.. Yah join skali la". haha whats new?

isnt this lovely?!! Next time, i chop nak duduk sini :p

Kerabu sotong!! sedaaaap!!!


ileena said...

dr.yaya, this place ni dkt ampang tu ke?

yaya othman said...

hi there :)
Yes this is place is somewhere in that area - Ulu klang :)
have a go, its nice!