August 23, 2010

Alhamdulillah :) We are home!!

[and if i have one thing to say to Japanese "Learn some english will ya" ;p]

And to those who ordered Abaya from Mekah via my mom, your abaya is here!! InsyaAllah, after 31aug, i will hand it over to you *wink*

Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dearest sister LILLY!! xoxo


.p.i.d. said...

hi yaya...x sabau nk tgk gambau2 kat tokyo...;) bl nk upld?

Butik HS said...

salam yaya..Hana dah email ballik.masuk junkmail kut?

Butik HS

Anonymous said...

welcome home dr!!!
u pegi mne je selain tokyo???

yaya othman said...

hi p.i.d :) yeaa nnt i ada masa i'll letak kt blog k *wink*

hana, got it :)

hi anon :) i went to hakone and tokyo..