July 14, 2010

Ratih & Haimi's Beautiful Reception @ PJ Hilton

before the thing started

the scrumptuous ice cream cake

with Nad, a fellow blogger *hugs*

with the gorgeous couple *hugs* CONGRATULATIONS!!!

with another blogger, Ileena.

Darling, sorry for being such a silly face when you came to say hi to me *wink* Its not everyday people come to me and request for a photo, perasan rockstar kejap pun ada LOL

and with another blogger, Yanie. Nice meeting you babe :)

Total blogger i met that night : 4 which are Nad, Ratih (of course, she's the bride!), Ileena and Yanie. Pleasure knowing all of you *wink*

Keep on blogging *lompat bintang*

p.s. i am bagstruck (again?)!! *sigh* i go goo goo gaga over Balenciaga

Giant City, covered or not, is the ultimate piece!! I want one!!! Miss Highschool musical punye nih sungguh menikam kalbuku *scream*


che'puan Idot said...

salam yaya
already privatized my blog, would be fair if i invite u too since, i always follow yours. karang tak acil lah u kena block masuk blog i.
if only u r interested ok.
email at sitiidafarida@gmail.com

fujiko said...

this is first time i drop my comment. ur dress/kaftan/jubah/abaya...(i dunno what should i call ur outfit)very2 elegant. masya allah..u r very beautiful. if u dont mind, do share where can i get outfit like this. thanks.

yaya othman said...

nice knowing ya che puan idot :)

fujiko, wa'salam :)
TQ *blush* I bought in Mekah :) do you wanna kirim sebab my mom is going there again this ramadhan :)
email me if nak (setakat ni dh ada 2org nk kirim);)

Aida Narina said...

salam dr yaya :) me likey your jubahhhh! sangat indah, don't know how to express it with words :p..hehehe..

btw, dear sister, if nak kirim juga the jubah to your mum boleh ke? hopefully tak susah kan u and ur dearest mother..:) nanti i'll email u later :)

btw dear yes! that balenciaga is delicious! and if u wanna kirim, insyaAllah I can get it for you over here in london (as i'll be coming back for good in 10days time) :)

zailamohamad said...

yaya, me too..tapi macamana nak tahu size ya since zaila ni seorang yang agak tinggi & gemok

leh emailkan details kat zaila tak

i tak tahu email you..sat i carik yaaa

yaya othman said...

girls, check ur mail k *wink*

Ibu to AqiF n ImraN said...

Yaya....i loveeeeeeeeeeeee u jubah too....erm nak kirim jugakkkkk boleh?

ileena said...

auwwwwww i see me here in your bloggy.hahahaa!i like your silly face so no worries!LOL:P
p/s: my friend said you look like datin norjuma!and she was like: "you sure tak salah org ke?"
haha!:)nice meeting you as well!

yaya othman said...

ibu Aqif and Imran - bole darling :) email me k - yaya_c@yahoo.com

Ileena - hah? mcm datin norjuma? funny, she's the sec person ckp mcm tu haha.. a good fren of mine pun ckp gitu bile dia tgk gambar i pakai jubah tu hihi *perasan kejap*
nice knowing ya babe :)

yanie said...

hye babe, nice meeting u tat nite! yup! agree with d twos u mcm datin juma..but bila tgk tahir seating nxt to u barula confirm tu yaya! ur makeup n jubah mmg cun :)

yaya othman said...

hahaha.. yea would be weird if tiba2 datin juma dtg with my hubby!!! ;p

thank you sweetie

Anonymous said...

hye, love ur jubah hitam tuh, thinking of wearing it this raya haji, haha..tapi jauh la plak kedainya kan, kat mekah, hehe..
btw, love reading ur blog, blog i dh berkarat dh pun, hehe...btw, i kwn faezah, met u last year kat anggerik cafe uitm for breakfast, if ur still ingat la, time tu u bagi ur wedding invi kat faezah =))...

medic uitm

yaya othman said...

hi nurul!!! ingat ingat!! :)
jom la kita bfast/makan sama2 plak :) pas ramadhan ni..