July 10, 2010

useful youtube ?

Girls.. girls!!

I have a wedding invitation tonight at a local hotel (yea.. yeaay!!). I was about to ask my talented sister Dr Nini to do my make up sbb i am terrible at it (seriously people!!) . Hmm if Nini make up kan - yeszaaa ima be smokin' LOL (alright u may barf!)

And suddenly last night, i found out that Nini has to do calls kat Hosp Serdang today! Uwaaaa ;(( *sob sob* Camane nih???!! HELP!!!

Then i texted Nini about the konon important matter and Nini asked me to take a quick tutorial - YouTube!! Seriously?? Seriously!! *sigh*

Can i do it??!! *biting nails* It is 4.30pm and i baru je nak jengah YouTube ni - for a quick tutorial!! Wish me luck *wink*

Oh! and if i think i nailed it (or bole tahan la kan, maknenye i wont kutuk or kesiankan myself when looking at myself haha), i'll upload a close up of my work nanti ye.. hehe :D

kan best if i could do this *sigh*

Wish me luck *wink*


And people, i present to you make up done by yours truly *giggles*

inside the ballroom with lights and all

inside the car on our way back with camera flash on, mcm tak even the eyeshadow kan? LOL and yeaa that forehead IS oily!! darn it *sigh*

Bole la kan? hee... for a first timer!! Sonok sebenarnye main make up-make up ni, reminds me of my childhood days when i used to dig my mom's make up purse and smudged every single thing smudge-able LOL And then my mom would caught us red handed hahah!!! I remember the day when she was super pissed - it was when i sharpened her eyeliner sampai habiss!!! *giggles* Sorry umi :) I'll buy you new one esok k *wink*

Oh and to answer my title, Yes Definitely! YouTube is useful at this point/today :)

Well till next entry, good night and babai.


atiq said...

cuba cari tutorial yang michelle phan buat kat youtube :)

naddy said...

u loooked gorgeous ;)

yaya othman said...

TQ :) tak tgk pun michelle phan tho my sister ckp dia super terer *sigh*

TQ Nad!! so did you *kiss*

ileena said...

picture is up!in my blog.hehehe.


snowiffy said...

serioulsy i tot u went fr makeover babe! it looks more stunning in REAL ok :)

yaya othman said...

ileena, yeaay!! nanti i'll buat post on that wedding :)

Yanie - what? really?! muahaha NO!!! struggle tu! sib baik turned out ok