July 13, 2010

on the day my husband turns 30

Asslamualaikum wbt pretty people ^_^

12th July is my husband's birthday *singing happy birthday song*. I planned a small dinner for him with us (Khalish and i) at a local hotel. It was nothing major, its just us having dinner *smile*.

Enjoy the photos (or not *sigh*).

his first plate of oyster

Abang's second plate of oyster

i love us!!

camwhoring 1

camwhoring 2

camwhoring 3

haa the one below is candid tau! ;p

and before we left, managed to shoot these *smile*

marshmallows (not for me)

The spread was huge! And almost all of the food were mouthwatering, and thats a good thing right since it didnt cost me a penny.. hehe.. We enjoyed their oysters, sushi & sashimi and their indian plates too. Before we reached the place (which was a surprised for the birthday dad), i warned him that he has to eat and taste everything so that every cent spent (i spent) is worth it.. haha.. and since we both (me and him) know that we can count me out to stock up myself to reach ze price $, the burden was his LOL

Alhamdulillah, we were full and Khalish pun was helpful! He had his first oyster there, he had 6 sushis, ice cream, prawns and the list continues :) So all and all, the 3 of us punye melahap bole cover la the total sum for 2 adults (kids under 4 eat free).

Oh yes, the place is Prince Hotel, Bukit Bintang :)

Oh oh another thing, Khalish dropped a dessert plate!! And yes sir, it broke!! Alhamdulillah the staffs were so nice and warm, they came to clear the mess with no fuss (i didnt hear any so...) and smiled and said "kalau tak pecah tu bukan budak namanye". Sib baik!! Kalau kena charge, lagi banyak la we had to melahap to make it even LOL

To my dear dear husband,

Happy birthday sweetheart! I am so lucky to be with you, to have you beside me day in day out, to hold you be it in sickness or great health, to be able to talk and discuss with you all day long. Lets do that thing you wanted to do - grow old together and laugh at our senescence. I love you.

And thank you *hugs*

Yours truly,


Fynnaz said...

Owhhh, being an emotional heavy preggy makes me wanna cry after reading this entry. Auuwwwww!!!

You both sooo lucky to have each other! Alhamdulillah!!! And happy 30th birthday Tahir!!!

Naddy said...

happy birthday to tahir... u looked lovely dear... lawa beg ehehe

Nana said...

OoOooo I LOVE YOUR DRESS!!! I pun suka pakai dresses but kat sini susah nak cari long dress yang cantik! Besides, I ni kecik nak cari size .. sigh! .. susah nak mampus!!! Miss shopping baju kat Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

dr yaya..tgn siapa yang comel kat gamba no 11 tu?:)


yaya othman said...

Fynn - aaww dont cry :) Alhamdulillah i am so so happy.. u're lucky to have Adam too honeh!

Nad - TQ Naddy hihi. Bag? itu Dior sudah vintage tuu hehe

Nana - Yes Nana i prasan u byk pakai dress (thru ur blog) :) i love em too!

Anon - tangan anak saya laa hehe

Anonymous said...

so mouth watering la!!!!!
dkt prince hotel??
restaurant ke???

thnx dr yaya..

zailamohamad said...

Babe, i love your dress, beli kat mana eh??

love to see your happy face;)

makin berseri-serilah sekarang ni;)

yaya othman said...


anon - its not a restaurant dkt prince hotel. nama dia Eccucino inside Prince Hotel :)

Zaila - dress i busuk dah!! ;p Beli kt Curve tak silap.
TQ *vlush* berseri ke? hmmm sbb byk mkn kot hehe