July 2, 2010

as requested

- I generally dont blog about clothes/fashion. I think i'm in no position to talk about it for the record. Although i do selitkan one or two sentences sometimes ;p
- I got few emails from my readers asking on my attire at the Rizalman's fashion show
- I just love cardigans since i bought my first emerald green cardigan at Dorothy Perkins
- I recently fall in love with long dresses and jumpsuits

So here goes..

- "Post a full photo of you in it"

I really dont have a full photo of me wearing that outfit (at the fashion show), no kidding!! I wish i do though; well now, since there are people requesting it *sigh*

- "Reveal what you were wearing"

I wore a jumpsuit by Forever 21, doncha just love Forever 21??!! Well Nini and i both do! They are just smokin' hawt!!

And to cover my bare shoulders i searched for a matching short cardigan and Alhamdulillah i walked into a Mango boutique and they were having SALE!! *somersault* That blue cardigan cost me rm49 or was it rm39.. hmm thats how cheap it is.. sampai i pun cant recall how much i paid *wondering* And for my head, those are my supa dupa old pieces babe :)

Shoes?? hehe.. i wore Charles & Keith's open toe pumps/wedges in nude :) But i dont think you can spot my shoes in that photo.. can you?

- "Love your style, what do you usually look for when you're shopping"

Well, for now, i have to say long dresses, jumpsuits, cardigans and loud/chunky accessories especially bracelets :)

I love love cardigans because it hides my flaws (thunder thighs) and honeh "layering" IS the way to go!! hehe.. I have a few long cardigans but mostly they are in dark hues, so now i'm collecting long cardigans in summer colours!! and and and and.. today i bought a long cardigan at ZARA in soft orange!! Yippie!!

(next colour to get)

Other than that, i am also collecting long dresses and YES i've got a few daaah!! hehe and if i may say so, my hubby loves long dress+yaya LOL Well i would always opt for the strapless or single/thin straps or halter neck ones so i wouldnt end up sweating when i pair 'em with a cardigan *smile*

For long dresses and jumpsuits (which i baru ada 1), pair 'em with short cardigans, you know those that are no longer that your waist, you'll look taller girls!! And if you dont have any choice, you can wear a long dress with a long cardigan, just make sure u wear a belt on top of it!! ^_^

Right! Thats all the questions/enquiries i have to answer. I feel silly though, really LOL Seriously people, i'm in no position of advising or giving you tips on this matter! But if its a favor or a help, sure i can punyeh!

And i want to apologize to those who left comments regarding this subject, sbb i didnt publish 'em. hehe.. Malu laaa... i went from pink to maroon you know LOL

Okay laa, thats it for now.. till next entry, babai :)


Anonymous said...

how much the cardigan??
very pretty..
i just bought long cardi in black at kitschen for only rm54 after 10% disc...

zailamohamad said...

owh, i love long cardigan too..tapi baru ada satu, nak kumpul semua kaler & did u know that actually kita boleh pakai macam2 style with that cardigan..really2 love it!!

yaya othman said...

hi anon, the cardigan cost me rm119. o yeaa kitschen, i know their boutique at sunway pyramid but tk penah go in , maybe i shud kan :) tq

Yes Zaila, i jgk suke cardigan!!! be it long sleeve, long cardigan, short sleeve, short cardigan.. i love 'em all :)

Anonymous said...

i pegi dkt sunway la..
byk branch jugak but i can't remember la..
but i think dkt OU ade...
lg besar rsenye..
ur wlcme..
btw kitschen were having sale..
check it out!!

yaya othman said...

aaw TQ!! i will :)
ZARA is having Sale!! go go go!!

Anonymous said...

owh really???
ohh man saye sudah pokaiii!!
smlm shopping sakan xigt dunia...
btw thnx :)

btw u're quit friendly ya...

yaya othman said...

thank you :)