June 29, 2010

Puteh by rizalman ibrahim

thats nini, me and my friend Cleo

waiting for the show to begin

Rizalman & partner with the models

my favourite!! naak!!

second & third favourite :)

I got a voucher from Puteh's goodie bag *wink* Maybe i should pay 'em a visit.. hihi.. dah nak raya dah ni ;p Thank you to my dearest friend Cleo for having us with you (jadik VVIP aritu) *hugs* A thousand credits to murai.com.my and maribergebang.blogspot.com for the beautiful photos *clap*

Oh and look what i found!!! LOL

Wirda (GLAM magazine) with a friend, and theres Nini and i at the back :)
TQ CuteCarry.com for this photo


:: LadyVerde + Mr.Doc :: said...

very simple yet elegantttt!
owhhh soooo want to visit their boutique once im back! ;)

btw love yg 2nd sebelah rizalman in navy blue tue :D
love that chuncky bead at neck! ;)

cutecarry said...

thats friend is me..

Anonymous said...

nice outfit dr yaya :)

yaya othman said...

Yes Verde!!! mmg i ngigau2 dh ni nk pakai raya hokey ;p JOM kita gi!

hi cutecarry, thanks for ur photo ni ye.. *wink*

TQ anonymous :)

Anonymous said...

salam and hye..
i just nk tnye..
u baru kawen ke??/
sory ya..
i'm just curious... not more than that..

yaya othman said...

hi anon :)
yes dec 2010
read the whole blog then u'll know the story :)
thnx for dropping by

Anonymous said...

okay thnx dr yaya...
okay2 i will :)
btw congratz ya..
btw..nice blog...

Anonymous said...

eh dec 2010???
how come eh...

yaya othman said...

fenin ke? dont be :)
no need to understand or know if its causing you headache, thats the last thing i wanna do to my reader :)

yaya othman said...

TQ anon (another anon or is it the same one?)

Anonymous said...

yes i' the same anon..
now i know already..
heheh :)
thnx ya..

yaya othman said...

most welcome

Nana said...

bestnye gi fashion show. I love fashion shows!

yaya othman said...

yep me too!! :)

The Queen Bee said...

omg lawanyee mesti beliiii ni utk raya huhuhu baju x tempah lagiieee!

cops wirda tu perempuan ke

yaya othman said...

haah babe, Wirda tu chief editor GLAM! :)
lawa kan??!! jom lets go

The Queen Bee said...

ooh muke wirda dlm pic tu nampak mcm lakiii i tot bapukk.. ish x kan la kan

Anonymous said...

hi, new to the site, thanks.