June 22, 2010

mekah & madinah part i

Assalamualaikum wbt pwetty people *wink*
Dah makan?? hehe


As you can see in my previous post, i mentioned that we went to perform umrah :) and by we, i meant my husband, son, mom, 3 brothers, sister, brother in law and niece ^_^

Khalish showing his tag

A neverending TQs to my parents for being the official sponsor.. heheh.. Its my second time but other than my mother, everyone else were on their first trip to Tanah Haram. My first umrah was with my late grandfather (Al Fatihah) and grandmother in 1996 :D

L-R : Fathi, Abang, Najib and umi

Abang Luke, Yaya and E

Back to the story, we boarded a Saudi airline flight from KLIA to Jeddah International Airport; and from there we took the tour bus to Mekah Al Mukarramah, KSA. We reached Mekah at 11.30pm (KSA time) 4.30am (Malaysia time)!!! And because we are all in our ihram, and telah niat umrah on our flight, we had to perform umrah right away!!

After a brief introduction to our hotel rooms (i tucked a well asleep Khalish in) , we had dinner and since its 4.30am Malaysia time, most of us didnt have the tummy for rice and curry!! After that, its a walking trip to Masjidil Haram. Well it wasnt exactly a trip, since it took us only a few steps to reach it .. hehe.. our hotel (Makkah Mawardah) was super close to Al Haram, Alhamdulillah!

As i got closer to Masjidil Haram, i thought "i remember that mosque", Al Haram that is, but somehow the feeling was as if it was my first time seeing it, being in it!! Subhanallah *cloud9* And as i walked further inside, i can see vaguely a black thingy way up front, and at that moment, i smiled! Its Baitullah!! "i get to see it once more!!". As i reached the floor for tawaf, i cant concentrate on whats the mutawwif were saying; for my eyes are struck on Baitullah. "what a magnificient view!" "how can a black monument thingy in a center of the floor like that would look so amazing and breathtaking? Only in Al Haram.. only in here!!" ..i cried a wee bit.. at that moment, I thanked Allah for having me there again*cloud9*

After the mutawwif finished his briefing, we performed tawaf. After completing the seventh tawaf, we stood facing the Baitullah, the multazam to be precise (one of the places/areas that are very mustajab for doa/prayer), we performed solat sunat. I cant keep my tears from shedding during my doa, it was as if i'm out in the open with all my baggage and pain transparent, all my heart!
"Ya Allah, terimalah doaku, amin!"

And next to me, on my left, i can hear my mom crying, and on my right and further right are 2 arabic ladies in black hijab and abaya crying and looking straight to Baitullah.

After tawaf, we did the saei from Safa to Marwah. And because we need not to be in wudhu' during saei, i did my saei with my dear husband, we held hand and recited together *smile*. After the last walk from Safa to Marwah (the seventh), we did our tahallul :) Alhamdulillah, our first umrah for the trip is complete!!

As soon as we did our tahallul, we heard azan for subuh, and because our mutawwif had warned us that we would finish our umrah just before subuh, we all stayed to perform solat subuh berjemaah *smile* and FYI there are no qunut in their solat subuh, they dont practice that, its not their norm; furthermore, its not wrong pun for a qunut is not a rukun in solat subuh :)

and we flew back to Malaysia the next day..


Enjoy my photos *wink*

Masjidil Haram

One of the shopping malls opposite al Haram

My youngest brother Najib

With my husband xx

Jabar Thur

Jabar Rahmah, that statue marks where Adam met Eve. Alhamdulillah, my husband and i managed to write our names on it!! Those black marks/stains on the white monument are writings of names!! Insyaallah, jodoh akan kekal, amin!

Our ustaz cum tourist guide :)


Photos inside and outside of Al Haram snapped by Abang Dearest

Alhamdulillah, we managed to complete 4 umrahs ;) Semoga umrah kami mabrur, amin!

Well, its really really late now, and my other half is callin' my name, guess i better go! Thats all for now, wait for Mecca & Medina part ii (which i think gonna be basically photos je kot *sigh*)!!

Good nite, Good bye, Good day, Go Espana! (haiitt, cmne bleh terkeluar yg tu plak ;p)

Assalamualaikum wbt.


yatie sawanila said...

alahmdulillah... bila la my turn. hanya merancang tapi tuhan tentukan

The Queen Bee said...

bestnyeeee. alhamdullilahh

yaya othman said...

Alhamdulillah :) i got to go there again!!
InsyaAllah, ur turn will come :)

:: LadyVerde + Mr.Doc :: said...

ur entry makes me miss going there again...u r so lucky to got the 2nd chance :)
best kannnnnnn!

yaya othman said...

best tak terkataaa honeh!!!
i miss being there too!!! sob sob

eyna said...

Yaya ur entry is so touching dear I hope i pon can reach there again.. Insyallah ...:)

falindah said...

I love your pic with ur hubby. comel sangat okey...happy couples..alhamdullilah dah sampai sana...

yaya othman said...

Eyna, TQ!! InsyaAllah rezeki ada nanti :)

TQ Falindah :) Yes Alhamdulillah we are happy indeed. pray for our love to stay strong always k. *wink*

zailamohamad said...

bila baca je entry ni, terus air mata laju je keluar..
moga ALLAH permudahkan rezeki Zaila agar Zaila pon dapat ke sana juga;)

yaya othman said...

Zaila, insyaAllah sampai la sana nanti :) amin

Anonymous said...

i pun bru je blik dr sane..
almost 1 month la blik..
best kn kt sane???
aman dan tenang je ...
hope i dpt pegi lg..

btw..i ade bce kt board dkt bwh jabal rahmah 2
yg nabi s.a.w xpenah tulis ape2 pun kt batu 2...
smyg pun x..baginda just doa saje..
i told as a information...

thnx and tc dr yaya

yaya othman said...

hi anon

Well if its written there, it must be tru :)
i didnt solat kt sane jgk, just doa..
but on writing those names, i have to say i read somewhere that its like a wish that want for a long lasting relationship with ur partner just like adam and eve, after one thousand years being on earth pne in india and one in jeddah, they met jgk eventually. :) its not sunat pun

Anonymous said...

Hei blog yang sangat bagus! Man .. Indah .. Amazing .. Saya akan bookmark blog anda dan mengambil feed juga ....