June 27, 2010

mekah & madinah part ii

pigeons in front of Al Haram

making my way to Al Haram

reciting the Quran while waiting for Isya'

Nini digs tasbih :)

minyak atar

Khalish being Jerry

silk silk silk and more silks

tourists :)

at Topshop, while waiting for mommy .. hehe..

my husband's favourite shop *wink*

with my dear sister, Nini

world's cutest niece, Iman

everybody with everybody *hugs*

Well thats all for Mekah, below are photos in Madinah Al Munawarrah. Masjid Nabawi and around it.

Thats the last photo for my Mekah & Madinah post, i truly hope u've enjoyed it. Showing off is the last thing on my mind. For those of you who have been there, i hope my photos reminded you of that glorious places, and for those who havent been there; i hope, by looking at my photos, your heart moved and i pray insyaAllah, you will be there :)

O yes, a tip for those who are going for an umrah and haj, dont buy dates and such in Mekah but buy 'em in Madinah, as they are cheaper there :)

Assalamualaikum wbt.

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zurahimi muslim said...

heh dh besar dah semua....;p