May 5, 2010

the wait is over!!

People, people, people!!!

yes you read the title right!!! the wait is indeed over!! new stocks of bandana and hijab are here!!!

To those who have emailed me earlier with an order, please email me again at with your order, so i could pack 'em, you could make a payment and i will ship it to you fast!!


To those who wants to view 'em here, you guys have to wait till monday ok for i wont be around town this weekend *sigh* sowwyyy ;(

And OH...

To those who are free tomorrow (thursday 6th may 2010), can arrange a date with me and the stock *giggles* some where in Shah Alam/Subang/Damansara/PJ/Sunway yeaa... but before 2pm tau .. hehe ..

Till monday pwetty people!! babai =)

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