May 16, 2010

universal studio singapore

Ola pwetty people :)

(read : this post comes with lotsa photos!! people with allergies to images of us what so ever, please stop here)

What did you do last weekend? I'm sure you did something nice!? Wait lemme guess, you attended your cousin's wedding, no? your office mate's wedding? No??!! You watched Iron Man? Am i right?? Oh well...

Moving on - we (Khalish, Tahir and i) went to Singapore :) See there is this Pixar Exhibition thingy at Singapore National Science Center (?), and hubby, being what he is and doing what he does, was asked to go to the exhibition. Being inseparable from each other (no puking), we all went there *wink*.

And me being me, am lazy to do the storytelling, so, i pass the floor to my loyal photos hehe..

inside the mrt from woodlands to vivocity

transportation from vivocity to sentosa

Oprah's favourite popcorn, gotta have a taste huh!?! Its super schweet i tell ya

Hershey's chocolate mega store!!

Universal Studio Singapore - here we are!!!


Shrek and Fiona's castle. Location : far far away :)

yeaaa girls, boyfriend's belts are SO in!!!

one of the 'safe for kids' rides in Jurassic Park

Battlestar Gallactica

City Hall, New York!! feelin' like a Gossip Girl? (i did)

inside and outside the diner :) Hubby digs it here.

*drum roll* And the awards go to Mr Mutahir for Best husband, Best father and Best lover!! *clap* Congratulations abang!!

inside their souvenir store - yes we bought matching Ts for everyone, fridge magnet, a key chain and a mug for my SIL :)

Admission on weekdays are Sing$ 66 for adults and free for kids below 4 :)

Guess thats all for today folks :) Till next entry on our second day in Singapore, tata titi tutu!!! xx


Eti said...

Wow, looks nice, we are taking the kids in June, can't wait!

yaya othman said...

yes!!! go go go!!
sure budak2 and mak bapak budak hepi!! ^_^

thanks for dropping by Eti :)

are_shie said...

wahh.. menariknya... boleh masuk dalam travel list pasni... salam kenal..

Anonymous said...

is it crowded at universal studios?

pu3natul said...

hi yaya,

thanks for the info..we are planning to go there soon.

yaya othman said...

salam berkenalan areshie :)

anonymous - it was not crowded when i was there, well it was a friday, so go figure. but i bet if weekends, public holidays or school holidays, maybe ramai org :)

hi pu3 :) go go!!!

The Queen Bee said...

wow bestnyeee universal studio.. byk rides tak yg boleh naik?

yaya othman said...

Hi Hanis!!! banyaaaak!!!! go, spend one whole day there!!!