May 2, 2010

Rania's 2nd birthday

Thank you to my dear friend, Nura Nadia for having us. The party was super - well planned, food were tasty, hosts were friendly, and the fact that we had the whole floor to ourselves made it super duper!!!

And we were the first guest to arrive!! So, kami yang pertama rembat makanan LOL and we got to pick the best table (u know yang paling dekat ngan aircond/fan!) heheh

And as u can see, both hubby and bro in law are excited to be the earlist to touch the spread ^_^

Khalish loved the mini cooper parked at the entrance, he was almost always there (inside) and almost tak ingat makan!!!

The theme was Elmo red, and yes, kami (tahir and i) didnt pakai ikut theme LOL

The happy hosts and family =) And there's Rania - the birthday girl!! Happy 2nd birthday sweetie pie! Aunty yaya admires ur cake!!!

And of course not to forget, world's cutest niece!!! Iman!!! the party would be lame without this girl! xoxo

and oh yeaa, Khalish had a hair job :)


diana sidek said...

OMG!what a small world. u know nadia??i sama uni with her.hihih!!really, what a small world eh!

yaya othman said...

hi! yes nadia and i went to the same skool in ktrg :)

kaezrin said...

eh dekat mana depa buat party nih>

yaya othman said...

kat Fullhouse lifestyle cafe, Ara Damansara :) nice place