May 20, 2010

a sequel


Having breakfast with my good gals ^_^ Tika is still with MOH, Farah has a private clinic and as for me, i'm with MOHE.

Photos of us at the Singapore National Science Center. Khalish and hubby as Mr Math!!! lol Anyone planning on going to Singapore with kids age 5 and up, should definitely bring your kids here, really cool place to learn science and mathematics, well.. almost :)

We went to Singapore for this thing sebenarnya!! hehe.. hubby had to attend Pixar Animation Exhibition :) We watched Toy Story 3D!! Alhamdulillah, Khalish was ok through out the movie.

Having our dinner, makanan indon yg agak best! heheh

till next post on Singapore lagi!!! bye!! hehe


Anonymous said...

cantiknye awak dr yaya. berseri sangat. love love ur style. n ouh i love ur bag. wat bag izzit?

joven said...

hi, you have nice blog.. u can view also mine..

yaya othman said...

hi anonymous :)
*blushing* TQ ur so sweet :)
my bag yg itam tu ye? thats a cole haan dear.. itulah bag i yg paling lunyai!!! simply because its so light, versatile and the colour is black!!

Hi joven :)

The Queen Bee said...

comelnye anak u duk gat gambar tuuu haha

Anonymous said...

love ur blue n light pink dress, beli kat mana ye?

yaya othman said...

hahaha TQ Hanis :) dia shy shy cat

Anon - yg biru tu from Zara, and yg light pink (actually stripe marah and putih tp nmpk cam pinkish lam gambar) beli kat Promod :)