May 5, 2010

I want!!!

+ Here's a short entry +

Yesterday, my FB status was "Melvin oh Melvin, you're so hawt!!". Knowing my husband, i knew he would've read it and googled a hot Melvin LOL So if he comes home after work and if the first thing he say is "Dear, who's Melvin?", i would've laugh because i'm right - i know he will ask me on that. But instead, he came home, didnt mention a single word on Melvin, so i thought, maybe he'd figured it out himself - smart!!

And today, i was out shopping with a dear friend, i received a text from hubby "Sayang, who's Melvin?". I laughed and called him right away. Explained what is Melvin, instead of who LOL

"Abang, meet Melvin!!! ima have one soon!!! hehe" *wink* xx

p.s. Tahir said "nak sedapkan hati semalam, i told myself that melvin was a fictional character in Gossip Girl" *giggles*

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Fynnaz said...

Hahaha so cute!!!

Melvin pulak. Verde dgn Maxi nya. Naddy dgn mcm2 nya (takleh list down cause dah lost count LOL). Fin jer kali ni nama saper pulak nak muncul huhu.