May 27, 2010

May 20, 2010

a sequel


Having breakfast with my good gals ^_^ Tika is still with MOH, Farah has a private clinic and as for me, i'm with MOHE.

Photos of us at the Singapore National Science Center. Khalish and hubby as Mr Math!!! lol Anyone planning on going to Singapore with kids age 5 and up, should definitely bring your kids here, really cool place to learn science and mathematics, well.. almost :)

We went to Singapore for this thing sebenarnya!! hehe.. hubby had to attend Pixar Animation Exhibition :) We watched Toy Story 3D!! Alhamdulillah, Khalish was ok through out the movie.

Having our dinner, makanan indon yg agak best! heheh

till next post on Singapore lagi!!! bye!! hehe

May 16, 2010

universal studio singapore

Ola pwetty people :)

(read : this post comes with lotsa photos!! people with allergies to images of us what so ever, please stop here)

What did you do last weekend? I'm sure you did something nice!? Wait lemme guess, you attended your cousin's wedding, no? your office mate's wedding? No??!! You watched Iron Man? Am i right?? Oh well...

Moving on - we (Khalish, Tahir and i) went to Singapore :) See there is this Pixar Exhibition thingy at Singapore National Science Center (?), and hubby, being what he is and doing what he does, was asked to go to the exhibition. Being inseparable from each other (no puking), we all went there *wink*.

And me being me, am lazy to do the storytelling, so, i pass the floor to my loyal photos hehe..

inside the mrt from woodlands to vivocity

transportation from vivocity to sentosa

Oprah's favourite popcorn, gotta have a taste huh!?! Its super schweet i tell ya

Hershey's chocolate mega store!!

Universal Studio Singapore - here we are!!!


Shrek and Fiona's castle. Location : far far away :)

yeaaa girls, boyfriend's belts are SO in!!!

one of the 'safe for kids' rides in Jurassic Park

Battlestar Gallactica

City Hall, New York!! feelin' like a Gossip Girl? (i did)

inside and outside the diner :) Hubby digs it here.

*drum roll* And the awards go to Mr Mutahir for Best husband, Best father and Best lover!! *clap* Congratulations abang!!

inside their souvenir store - yes we bought matching Ts for everyone, fridge magnet, a key chain and a mug for my SIL :)

Admission on weekdays are Sing$ 66 for adults and free for kids below 4 :)

Guess thats all for today folks :) Till next entry on our second day in Singapore, tata titi tutu!!! xx


Gorgeousses :)

A customer cancelled her order!! So maknenye, there are few pieces of bandanas up for grabs!!
the colours are :

Baby Pink - sold
Pink - sold
Lilac - sold
Fuschia - sold
Beige/cream - sold
Light brown - sold
Dark brown - sold
Maroon - sold

1 piece for each colour, so hurry!!!

and colours that are still available with me are :

Golden brown
Green - sold

And for the hijabs, those three (in my prev post) are the only pieces available!

email me at

Bye and Assalamualaikum wbt

May 11, 2010

still available!!

Hello peeps

These are the only hijabs that are still available - get yours now!!! *wink*

TQ to my lovely model .. hehe..

hijabs for all occasion!!

Salam pwetty people!!!

So sorry for the late post!!! I was terribly busy today!! But i managed to put up the first post at 11.59pm tadi, so kira still monday la kan ;p

Anyway, here are hijabs aka selendang for grabs!! Have a good look and feel free to ask any question yea :D

1. Floral (pink background), very soft gauze cotton
RM 40


2. Purple + blue (see through background), satin
RM 40


3. Green circles, soft gauze cotton
RM 40


4. Floral (white background), soft gauze cotton
RM 40


5. Multicolor, soft gauze cotton
RM 40


6. Pink (see through pink background) with stones, satin
RM 55


7. Blue green satin (see through background)
RM 40


8. Olive satin (see through background)
RM 40


9. Abstract green and black (see through baby green background) satin with stones
RM 55


10. Blue stripes, satin
RM 40


11. Green abstract, satin
RM 50

12. Yellow leaves (see through background) with stones, satin
RM 55

May 10, 2010

bandanas for grabs!!!

red and baby blue

orange, blue, maroon, green, baby green and lilac

very dark brown, dark brown, brown, grey and white

AVAILABLE : brown, green, orange and red!!!

yg lain sold out!!!

May 5, 2010

I want!!!

+ Here's a short entry +

Yesterday, my FB status was "Melvin oh Melvin, you're so hawt!!". Knowing my husband, i knew he would've read it and googled a hot Melvin LOL So if he comes home after work and if the first thing he say is "Dear, who's Melvin?", i would've laugh because i'm right - i know he will ask me on that. But instead, he came home, didnt mention a single word on Melvin, so i thought, maybe he'd figured it out himself - smart!!

And today, i was out shopping with a dear friend, i received a text from hubby "Sayang, who's Melvin?". I laughed and called him right away. Explained what is Melvin, instead of who LOL

"Abang, meet Melvin!!! ima have one soon!!! hehe" *wink* xx

p.s. Tahir said "nak sedapkan hati semalam, i told myself that melvin was a fictional character in Gossip Girl" *giggles*

the wait is over!!

People, people, people!!!

yes you read the title right!!! the wait is indeed over!! new stocks of bandana and hijab are here!!!

To those who have emailed me earlier with an order, please email me again at with your order, so i could pack 'em, you could make a payment and i will ship it to you fast!!


To those who wants to view 'em here, you guys have to wait till monday ok for i wont be around town this weekend *sigh* sowwyyy ;(

And OH...

To those who are free tomorrow (thursday 6th may 2010), can arrange a date with me and the stock *giggles* some where in Shah Alam/Subang/Damansara/PJ/Sunway yeaa... but before 2pm tau .. hehe ..

Till monday pwetty people!! babai =)

May 2, 2010

Rania's 2nd birthday

Thank you to my dear friend, Nura Nadia for having us. The party was super - well planned, food were tasty, hosts were friendly, and the fact that we had the whole floor to ourselves made it super duper!!!

And we were the first guest to arrive!! So, kami yang pertama rembat makanan LOL and we got to pick the best table (u know yang paling dekat ngan aircond/fan!) heheh

And as u can see, both hubby and bro in law are excited to be the earlist to touch the spread ^_^

Khalish loved the mini cooper parked at the entrance, he was almost always there (inside) and almost tak ingat makan!!!

The theme was Elmo red, and yes, kami (tahir and i) didnt pakai ikut theme LOL

The happy hosts and family =) And there's Rania - the birthday girl!! Happy 2nd birthday sweetie pie! Aunty yaya admires ur cake!!!

And of course not to forget, world's cutest niece!!! Iman!!! the party would be lame without this girl! xoxo

and oh yeaa, Khalish had a hair job :)