April 19, 2010


Hokeh.. Focus now!!

first, just wear the bandana like a normal square tudung/tudung bawal.
secure it under your chin.

then, place a selendang panjang/second piece on top and secure it together with the bandana (meaning you are using only one pin/brooch).
the ends of the selendang can be one short and the other end longer or at equal
(up to you - i prefer one short from the other :D)

then lilit it over ur head to the other side and secure it with a pin or brooch or just tuck it in under your chin or maybe a hair clip (any thing will do really).

selempang the free end - secure it with a pin or brooch :D
voila!!! siap!!! bole kuar dating!! hehe

this is how it looks from behind.. due to model's privacy, view from front cant be published
*wink to model*

i will upload photos of how it looks from front, but i think you know how
(just look at my photos wearing 'em)

p.s. the pieces shown are sold, sorry.


✿ n0ra ✿ said...
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✿ n0ra ✿ said...

Salam sis, where u get the bandana? Or U make them urself?

yaya othman said...

Nope. they re from egypt :)
but i reckon u can actually make 'em *wink*

✿ n0ra ✿ said...

Hehehe, thanks for the prompt reply. I guess ur right, guess can make it myself ;) What's the measurement/dimensions? And they looked pretty "silky" to me ;)